With a smart meter,
you're in charge.

Millions of E.ON Next customers are switching to smart meters to help them budget, save, and use energy more efficiently. Come and join them.

See what you’re spending.

View your energy usage in real time. Customers find this can help them reduce their consumption and save money.

Know what you're paying.

Estimates are a thing of the past. Get accurate, up-to-date bills with a smart meter.

Prepay friendly.

Smart Pay As You Go customers enjoy all the advantages of smart meters too.

The right tariff for you.

Find the electricity and gas tariff that suits your wants and needs.

A cleaner future.

The UK is moving towards cleaner energy. You can be part of that movement with a smart meter.

Free device and installation.

You won’t pay a penny for your smart meter, the installation or the set up. All you have to do is book an appointment and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ready. Steady. Smart.

We'll run a couple of checks to make sure we can change your electricity and gas meters, including:


Make sure there's access to your meters.


Check that your electricity and/or gas supplies are with us.


Your mobile signal at home is good.


You don’t already have a smart meter.

Then, if that all looks good to us, we’ll book an appointment that suits you.

Installation is as simple as flicking a switch!

Book your appointment and relax.

Once you’ve booked your smart meter appointment, you can leave the rest to us.

We’ve installed over 5 million smart meters across the UK, from small studio apartments to family homes, so you know we’re good at what we do.

You can book your smart meter appointment online or call us on 0808 501 5266.

And if you’ve already booked an appointment, why not find out what a smart meter installation involves so you know exactly what will happen on the day.

Help us become a sustainable energy nation.

As more homes start to use smart meters, we move closer to a smarter energy grid. A grid that will help us be more precise about the energy we need and go towards reducing CO2 emissions by 25% by 2050.

In fact, if everyone in the UK upgraded to a smart meter, it would have the same environmental impact as planting 70 million trees.

Why get a smart meter?

At E.ON Next, we believe upgrading all of our customers to the latest technology in metering will benefit all. This is why we support the government's objective to get a smart meter in every home and business. This will help customers budget and control when and how they use their energy. It will also be a way of helping the UK achieve its net zero target. To date we have installed over 5 million smart meters, which is a great achievement and shows our ongoing commitment.


In June 2021, the government set a formula for calculating the number of meters each energy supplier must upgrade in 2023. That means, based on the number of E.ON Next and npower Business Solutions customers who still had old style meters at the start of 2023, we were set a challenge to upgrade 351,304 gas and 522,274 electricity meters to smart by the end of this year. A further breakdown of these targets is provided in the table below. The numbers in brackets show how we performed against each of these targets.

We knew at the start of 2023, that it would be impossible to achieve these targets, due to the influence of market conditions, so we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved. In 2023, we saw the energy costs and the general cost of living continue to put considerable pressure on individuals and businesses and their priorities. These are unprecedented times and the effect this has had will not have been factored into the government's consideration when calculated almost three years ago.

Utility - Gas or ElectricCalculated Planned Annual TargetCreditPre-paymentDomesticNon-domestic


351,304 (214,364)

326,713 (186,127)

24,591 (28,237)

337,251 (212,746)

14,053 (1,618)


522,274 (355,809)

485,715 (305,140)

36,559 (50,669)

501,383 (336,761)

20,891 (19,048)


The table below shows the 2024 meter upgrade targets for E.ON Next and npower Business Solutions. Just as with 2023, the Target Number for domestic and non-domestic gas and electricity installations is determined by the formula set by the government in June 2021 (as noted above). For our domestic customers, we break the target down to apportion it between credit and prepayment terms.

We expect many of the challenges we experienced in 2023, to continue having an impact this year. However, we believe everyone should have a smart meter, so we'll be getting in touch with those who don’t yet have one to offer them a smart meter and support them through this smart journey. Why not get yours today?

Utility - Gas or ElectricOverall Annual TargetCreditPre-paymentDomesticNon-domestic













Is it worth getting a smart meter?

Smart meters give you the chance to see how much you’re spending on your energy at that exact moment. No more will you need to wonder how much it costs when your home looks like Blackpool Illuminations. Find out what real E.ON Next customers have to say about their smart meters.

Your in-home display will tell you how much you're using in pounds and pence. Makes turning off those lights feel even better.

Plus your new electricity and gas smart meters will send us your meter readings and energy data, so you don't need to.

Experience smaaaahrt meters.

Smart meter customers have their say.

See what our smart meter customers say about their experience with smart meters. Meet Mairead, Clem and Julian who've used their smart meter to budget their energy better.

Financial advantages: a budgeting buddy.

Say goodbye to bill surprises and hello to budgeting brilliance! Thanks to the in-home display, smart meters put you in control by showing exactly how much energy you're using in real-time. It means no more unexpected bills – you can track your spending on the spot. And no more estimates. You only pay for the energy you use.

It's like having a personal budgeting buddy, helping you make informed choices to keep your costs in check.

Fixed tariffs and smart meters. The perfect match.

Would you like to have a smaller carbon footprint? Well, a smart meter can help there. By showing you how you use your energy, it can make you more mindful of your usage and help you develop the kind of habits that could reduce your consumption.

Combine that with the 100% renewable electricity you get on our fixed tariffs, which should make you feel good about your energy use.

Perfect for every way you pay.

Are you a prepayment customer? Would you like to use a smart meter? No problem! You can combine the flexibility of a PAYG tariff with the convenience of a smart meter with Smart Pay As You Go. Top up online, with the app or at a Payzone, PayPoint or Post Office outlet.

Whether you love the control of prepaying or the flexibility of credit mode, smart meters offer a hassle-free solution tailored to your payment preferences. Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of managing your energy your way!

Renters are welcome too.

If you're listed as the account holder for the energy bills, getting a smart meter doesn't always need explicit permission from your landlord.

However, it's a good idea to talk to them about it and review your tenancy agreement to make sure you are sticking to any regulations related to meter changes. And if you tell them about the benefits, we're sure they'll be happy to switch!

Are there any reasons why I shouldn't have a smart meter?

Unfortunately, some first-generation smart meters can have a weak signal. This is because they were made to use mobile networks. So, if you have a weak mobile signal in your home, you'll have a weak smart meter.

However, the new dedicated wireless smart meter network set up by the DCC provides coverage to at least 99.25% of premises in Great Britain.

It's also worth pointing out that installing a smart meter won't automatically reduce your bills. But it can show your energy use in detail. Armed with this information, you may be able to spot ways you can improve your energy use. And by becoming more efficient, you will hopefully reduce your outgoings.

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Information throughout this page has been sourced from the 2019 Smart Meter Communications Research conducted by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, June 2019.