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Residential terms and conditions

Here you'll find the latest terms and conditions that were last updated on 1 November 2023 and apply to all new customers joining E.ON Next and existing customers moving to a fixed tariff from this date. You can also find our Terms and conditions for customers joining prior to 1 November 2023.

Summary of changes from 1 November 2023

Section 7.1 has been removed and all other clauses in Section 7 have been moved up and renumbered. Section 11.1.4 has been added. These changes relate to our provision of renewable electricity. Section 11.1.2 has been amended and relates to Smart meter conditions.

Residential terms and conditions from 1 November 2023

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Residential terms and conditions up to 1 November 2023

These terms and conditions apply to all customers joining E.ON Next before 1 November 2023. For all customers on Next Flex, these terms will apply until 1 February 2024. After this date, our latest terms and conditions, updated on 1 November 2023, will come into effect.

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