About us

We're the positive energy company.

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Making a more sustainable future - together.

Hello, we're E.ON Next. The newest, next face of E.ON. We want to make sure what we do today has a positive impact on tomorrow - for our customers, for each other and for our planet. We're different, positively different. Sit back and we'll show you how.

Positively personal.

Nothing fuels us like a smile. It makes the positive energy flow. And to help make sure you get the best customer service to keep you smiling through, at E.ON Next you'll have the same dedicated team of energy specialists looking after you, whenever and however you contact us.

We're here to make energy easier for you, every time.

Positively renewable.

Let's start with the biggie. With E.ON Next, all of the electricity we supply to your home is backed by 100%  renewable sources, like wind, biomass and solar power. And where we don't generate it ourselves, we  match what you use with 100% renewable electricity by buying power directly from independent generators around the UK, topped up with renewable energy certificates (which guarantee the electricity generated is  from a renewable source). There, we said it. And it's important. Together we can make a difference and  we're doing everything in our power to do just that.  From the small things, like no single-use plastics at our offices, to all of our meeting room chairs made from  100% recycled household waste - that can be recycled again, the only hot air you'll get from us is in the energy we supply.    

What's next?  

We're creating a more sustainable community, online and in real life and we'll tell you more about this over the coming months, so look out for the latest updates on what we're up to.  Because we're 100% transparent, let's give the National Grid a shout out. They're at the heart of Britain's energy system, making sure that energy gets to your home or business safely. Think of it as all the electricity  generated by suppliers going into a big National Grid electricity pot and they make sure it gets to you when  you need it. We can't tell you if the kilowatt hours of electricity you used at home were ones we supplied to  the National Grid, but we can guarantee that we've matched what you used with electricity from renewable sources. 100%.