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E.ON Next blog Heatpumps

How air source heat pumps are revolutionising heating in the UK.

Harnessing Renewable Energy: How air-source heat pumps are revolutionising heating in the UK. Discover how this low carbon energy device could change your home.

Blog Renewable Jobs-1

The impact of renewable energy on job creation in the United Kingdom.

Interested in building a career in sustainability? Explore the impact of the growing number of renewable energy jobs in the UK.

Blog Charging EV with solar

How to charge your EV battery with solar panels.

How you can use the solar power that you create to charge your EV, and move towards a more sustainable living.

Blog Home Insulation Guide 1

A guide to home insulation: Boosting energy efficiency in your home.

Boost your home's energy efficiency with our comprehensive insulation guide. Learn to create a more comfortable, cost-effective and eco-friendly living space with insulation tips for your floors, walls and loft.

Beating the heat

Summer energy bills savings: beating the heat.

Summer savings: Beat the heat without breaking the bank on energy bills. Find the best way to keep cool this summer and save energy and money at the same time.

20240507 Marketing BlogImages-May EnergyEfficiency-HeatPumps

Unlocking energy efficiency: A guide to heat pumps.

A guide to heat pumps. How installing an air source heat pump could save you energy and money.

Blog Solar Battery

Renewable energy storage systems: power for a sustainable future.

Renewable energy storage systems: storing power for a sustainable future. Learn about the advancements in electrical battery storage systems.

Understanding EV tariffs

Greening your drive: Understanding EV tariffs.

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, understanding energy tariffs is crucial. The right EV tariff could save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enhance your overall EV experience.

Net zero for businesses

Net zero for businesses: sustainability and profitability.

Learn how your business can grow through making net zero goals. A sustainable business can be a profitable business if the right environmental goals are set.

E.ON Next blog Mental Health Mind

Our partnership with mental health charity Mind.

Learn about how we work with the mental health charity Mind to raise awareness and funds to support better mental health for our customers and colleagues.


Navigating EV charger installations for SMEs.

Boost your business with on-site EV charging. Learn about electric vehicle charger installations for SMEs and how EV chargers could lead to more customers for business.

Sun hugging solar panel

A comprehensive guide to solar panels.

Thinking about installing solar panels at home? Our comprehensive guide to all things solar is here to help you make an informed decision.