100% renewable electricity on fixed tariffs.

All of our customers' homes and businesses get 100% renewable electricity, at no extra cost on fixed tariffs.

Leaf with wind turbines.

So what is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that comes from sustainable sources. This means that they won’t run out, unlike other energy sources such as coal. Some examples of renewable energy out there include solar power, wind power and hydro-energy.

Why use renewable energy?

Because we only have a limited amount of resources, such as fossil fuels, whereas renewable energy is potentially unlimited. Renewable energy sources also cause less damage to the environment, as well as reducing carbon emissions and the effects of global warming.

More and more countries are using renewable electricity and gas. For example, Iceland gets all its power from thermal and hydro generation, whilst Brazil generates about 80% of its electricity from renewable sources such as biomass and hydropower.

Our renewable energy mix.

We supply electricity to you through the National Grid. Whilst not all of the electricity produced for it is renewable, we make sure that the bit we take is. We do this through our energy mix and the ways in which we get renewable electricity:

  • We generate our own renewable electricity. Our biomass plants in Lockerbie and Sheffield create enough energy to power 100,000 homes throughout the UK.

  • We work with other renewable generators, such as wind farms.

  • We buy REGO certificates.

REGOs illustration.

Electricity backed by 100% renewable sources, E.ON's renewable generation assets, agreements with UK generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your home comes from the National Grid. Fixed term contracts only. Smart meter required, where eligible. Exit fees and T&Cs apply.

What are REGOs?

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), are certificates which show that electricity has been generated from renewable sources. Energy generators are given one REGO for each megawatt hour of electricity they produce. All of this is administered by Ofgem (the Energy Industry Regulator).

As an energy supplier, all the renewable electricity we sell is backed by REGOs.

Want to learn more about renewable energy?

We’ve pulled together 20 great facts about renewable energy to help clear up any confusion on the topic. You can learn more about wind turbines as well as how you can use salt to store solar energy.

We’ve also got some facts and fiction on renewable generation to help challenge the myths around it.

Want other ways to power your home with renewable energy?

We’ve got a few other ways we can help you get renewable. The first is solar power. E.ON can install solar panels as well as battery storage at your home that will generate electricity for you.

Want renewable heating? With an air source heat pump you can. Air source heat pumps use the heat from the outside air to provide you with heating and hot water.

You could even have a small wind turbine installed at your home. The Energy Saving Trust estimates you could save around £250 a year on electricity bills as well as earning about £440 a year in SEG payments.

One small step to renewable electricity.

Do you want to enjoy 100% renewable electricity? Well if you're a fixed tariff customer with us then you'll already be getting it. If not, then why not? Join us now and get renewable electricity as standard on fixed tariffs. Easy-peasy.