Guiding you through
your smart meter installation.

You picked the date, now we’ll do the rest. Your new electricity and gas smart meters will be installed before you know it.

Making smart meter installations safer.

To help keep everyone safe during these difficult times, we’ve made some changes to how we, as your energy supplier, install smart meters.

We’ve introduced a no contact process, which includes appropriate PPE and checking that it is safe for our technician to enter on the day of the appointment. You'll also need to let us know if you're self-isolating.

Your smart meter installation will take approximately an hour per meter, and we'll make sure that we're keeping you safe at every step.

Getting smart meter installation ready.

Before you get back to your work/kids/Netflix there are a few simple bits we need you to do so our technician can get cracking changing your meters:

  • Make sure your meters are easy to get to.

  • Clear the area of coats, bikes or any other obstructions.

  • Check that the technician has somewhere close to your home to park.

As part of the process of installing your new SMETS2 smart meters, our technician will check the mobile signal, set up the In-Home Display and remove your current energy meters.

What happens after your smart meter installation?

Once we've installed your electricity and gas smart meters to SMICoP standards, we'll show you how to get the most from your In-Home Display (IHD) and it's smart functionality. This allows you to check your energy usage, such as how much it costs to have all your appliances on, as well as help you to reduce your energy bills.

Plus with your new smart meter we'll get your meter readings sent over to us so you don't have to worry about giving them to us. Your new meter also sends half hourly data through which will help us understand how much energy you're using.

If you decide to switch energy supplier then your smart meter may lose some functionality, such as not being able to send meter readings or get info from your IHD.

How we're keeping you and our technicians safe during your smart meter installation

  • Before we arrive, we'll give you a call to make sure it is safe for our technician to enter your home.

  • We’ll always keep a social distance of at least 2 meters between the technician and anyone in your home. We'll also ask you to stay in another room during the installation.

  • We make sure our technicians wear appropriate PPE, sanitise gloves between each job and sanitise any surface that they touch. Please open all the doors to the meters and if possible open any windows to help ventilate the area.

  • To get you started, our technician will get your in-home display up and running, show you how to use it and give you tailored energy efficiency advice, all from a safe distance.

  • We’ll make sure to take all our waste with us in accordance with our safe working methods.

  • We won't charge you for cancelling your appointment if you or anyone in your home is displaying symptoms or has concerns. You can rebook for a later date.