Baby Steps: Generation Sustainable.

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Now that we’re all spending more time at home, it’s more important now than ever to be sustainable around the house. Silent consumers of energy that are often overlooked? The kids! Either plugged in to a tablet or fixated on the TV, we thought why not create a load of fun energy saving tips that’ll get the kids tuned in to being sustainable instead?

Tip 1 → Educate.

First up, it’s important to teach your kids about what being sustainable actually means and why it’s important to protect our planet. Making them aware of why their actions matter first and foremost lays the perfect foundation for future sustainable action.

Tip 2 → Less bath, more shower.

Bathtime is exhausting, let’s be honest here. So what if we said you could spend less of your own energy and less of your energy bills on something as simple as showering the kids over bathing them? You’d say sign me up! Plus, to make it fun, why not get the kids to pick their favourite song to shower to? This would make sure there was a time limit on the hot water usage, but also makes it less of a task. To find out more about why we love showertime, head over to our blog post here.

Tip 3 → A switched off evening.

Another great tip is ensuring you have a family game night once a week or fortnight. This gets the kids off their screens and interacting with the real world again. Plus, you get to spend some quality time with your family.

Tip 4 → Taps off whilst you brush.

Leaving taps on while brushing your teeth is something even us adults mistakenly do from time to time. But making kids aware of wasting water (and the energy required to treat it and get it into our homes) at an early age will hopefully encourage the behaviour for the rest of their lives - a great investment.

Tip 5 → Let there be light.

Encourage the kids to open the curtains as far as they go each morning to ensure the maximum amount of sunlight can get in. More light means more vitamin D and also is proven to lift your mood. More natural light also means you’re less likely to reach for the light switch or even the thermostat. Energy savings at your fingertips. What’s not to love?

Tip 6 → Check for draughts.

A great way to conserve your own energy is to get the kids to do the work for you! A quick and easy way to check for draughts is to give them a piece of ribbon and ask them to go round each door in the house and check if the ribbon blows. If it does, you know all the spots that potentially need draught proofing! Want a fun way to get the kids excited about energy saving? Head over to our Baby Steps downloadable activities on our blog post here. #BabySteps

Published 23/06/2021