5 things you need to know about meter readings.

5 things you need to know about meter readings.

Meter readings. They make sure you’re billed correctly, can help track your energy use and are needed regularly. However giving them can be a pain, especially with all the different types of meters out there. So here are five things you need to know about meter readings to help make your life easier:

1. Reading meters doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether you’ve got a digital, dial or smart meter we’ve got you covered. Our handy meter FAQ can help you know which digits to use and which to ignore. Then all you need to do is head to your online account and send them over to us. We’ll let you know what your previous readings are so you can check them against the new ones, which is especially helpful if you have more than one reading per meter. For example, Day & Night readings.

2. It’s best to send in your meter readings before you get your bill.

By sending your readings to us before we send out your bill, we can make it as accurate as possible, rather than relying on estimated readings. We normally recommend sending it in a couple of days before your bill is due so that we can check they match with what we expect and get your bill generated. But how do you know when to send them in?

3. Because we’ll send you a reminder.

That’s right. To make sure you know when to send in your readings, we’ll send you a meter reading reminder. This is normally an email but can also be an SMS. Don’t think you’re receiving them? Log in to your online account and check that you’re set up to receive them. Simple.

4. We’ve made it easy for you to send them in.

Once you’ve got your meter readings you can log into your online account and send them over that way. Takes no time at all. Not got an online account? Then you can give us a quick call and use our automated service to send them in. We’ll get them added to your account and get a bill out to you as soon as possible.

5. Switch to a smart meter and say goodbye to meter readings.

No longer will you need to crawl into the back of the cupboard for your electricity meter. With a smart meter we’ll automatically get your meter readings each month. Plus you can also choose how often we receive your energy use data, so we can track how much you’re using and when you’re using it. Find out more about smart meters and meter readings.

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Published 28/06/2021