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E.ON Next Drive.

Our new, smart, renewable* electric vehicle tariff.

Join us for cheaper electric car charging.

Power your car with our new Next Drive EV tariff and enjoy lower priced electricity per kWh when you charge your vehicle at night.

Plus you’ll get 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost, helping you do even more for the environment.

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Get the benefits of our electric car tariff.

With our EV-specific tariff Next Drive you get:

  • Off-peak electricity prices between 12am and 7am.

  • 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost..

  • No exit fees.

When is my electricity cheaper?

The tariff will offer a lower price of electricity for charging your vehicle at night, between the off-peak hours of 12am and 7am.

You can, of course, always charge your car during the day. However the rates you’ll pay per kWh will be closer to standard electricity rates.

How can I schedule my car to start charging at the cheapest times?

There are several ways to schedule your car to charge at the cheapest times of day. You can use the E.ON Home app if you have an E.ON installed Vestel charger.

Many electric vehicles enable you to set a schedule in the dashboard of the car itself (check the car’s instructions manual for details). Otherwise your car or home charger’s mobile app may also allow you to set a charging schedule.

Need an EV charger at home?

E.ON can install a range of electric car chargers for you, including the Vestel EV04 charger. A great match for your new EV tariff.

Get a Vestel EV04 charger.

Perfect for your home.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Can be used via the app.

  • Available both socketed and tethered.

  • Can be used in all weather.

  • Has a maximum output of 7.4 kW on a single phase meter such as your home, but can increase to 11 kW or 22 kW on a 3 phase meter for commercial use.

£949 (Price includes standard installation).

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Don’t have a smart meter?

Not to worry, we can see if we can get a smart meter installed for you. They’re free of charge and come with an In-Home Display which you can use to monitor your energy usage and see where you can make savings.

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*Electricity backed by 100% renewable sources, E.ON's renewable generation assets, agreements with UK generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your home or business comes from the National Grid and DNOs.