Energy efficiency

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Our energy saving secrets aren’t secrets at all. We love to share our tried-and-tested methods for saving power, pennies, and the planet

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Help with Heating

If you've turned up the heat but your home doesn't feel any hotter (and we know you've checked the windows are shut), here are out top tips for seeing how you could warm things up:

Energy Efficient Lighting

Light up your life - without costing the earth. When it comes to lighting, there's more to saving energy and money than just a flick of a switch.

Hot Water Tips

Stay out of hot water but have your hot water on. Where would we be without hot water? Well, cold, probably. We've come to rely on having hot water at the turn of a top so it's important to make sure you're getting the most for your money - and save on your energy bills where you can.

Cost efficient cooking

Cook up some savings in the kitchen. We can't guarantee they'll turn you into the next Jamie Oliver, but we can help you cook more efficiently. Here are our tips for saving when you cook.


Getting the most fromy your household appliances. Even if your appliances have the best energy rating, you might not be getting the best out of them. Have a look below at our ways to sav and get more from your appliances for less.

Any savings shown are given as a guide and will be different for each household.