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We've got your back, don't worry. We're happy to work with you if you're struggling to pay your energy bills.

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Being behind with your payments can be a worrying time. We've a few helpful options that can make all the difference when money is tight:  

  • Helping you set up an affordable payment plan that's suitable for you.

  • Helping you to reduce your usage with energy efficiency advice.

  • Support and guidance for all your energy needs.

To get started, please provide us with some details so that we can offer the right support to you. We can also provide support for your business' bills and find a solution tailored to you and your company.

There's help in lots of different places.

We know that rising bills will be significant and many won't be able to afford their heating, which is why we’ve put together some helpful resources you can access from us and the government.

E.ON Next Energy Fund.

The E.ON Next Energy Fund has been created to help our customers who are experiencing financial hardship and are struggling. 

There are two ways this fund can help and support you:

  • To help with paying your gas and electricity bills through grants.

  • To replace appliances such as a cooker, fridge, fridge-freezer or washing machine if they are broken or in poor condition.

Find out if you’re eligible for the E.ON Next Energy Fund.

Warm Home Discount.

The Warm Home Discount is there to help those who are struggling to keep up with their energy payments. Customers on the scheme will get a one-off, annual discount of £140 (inclusive of VAT) on their electricity bill. It’s a scheme supported by the government and energy suppliers. The 2021/22 scheme is now closed but we will update you when we know more about the 2022/23 Warm Home Discount.

Find out if you're eligible for the Warm Home Discount.

The Priority Services Register (PSR).

If you need extra help with managing your energy account, we can add you to our Priority Services Register. If you or someone in your household is elderly, disabled or chronically sick, or if you have a speech, visual or hearing impairment we offer a range of services that will help. 

The Affordable Warmth Scheme.

Affordable Warmth is a government led eco scheme that helps people heat their homes in an energy-efficient way

It allows people to spend less on their monthly bills and support being friendlier to the environment too.

If you're wondering how to get free or partly funded energy improvements don't worry, we've made it really simple.

The Green Homes Grant.

The Green Homes Grant is a £2 billion scheme, launched by the government to help homeowners pay for energy saving improvements for their homes. The grant helps by installing measures such as wall insulation, solar panels and air source heat pumps.

This is to improve the warmth of homes, cut energy bills and help the UK to be zero-carbon by 2050. 

Find out if you're eligible for The Green Homes Grant.

Homes for Living.

Homes for Living is a scheme designed to support your mobility, wellbeing and independence, offering free home aids and equipment designed to give you more freedom in your home. 

We've secured Government funding and we're working in partnership with Invisible Creations® and Newcastle University.

Find out if you're eligible for Homes for Living. 

Debt advice resources.

There are also external debt advice resources you can get through Citizens Advice and StepChange

If you are also worried about how money can have an impact on your mental health. We advise you to talk to our charity partner Mind.

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