Electric vehicles in the UK - Is it worth switching?

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There certainly seems to be a buzz in the air (or should that be a hum?) about the UK's transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Even though the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles has now been postponed until 2035, if you are in the market for a new car you should consider the number of great benefits EVs offer drivers right now. Here are some of the best things about making the switch to EVs:

  • Save money. EVs are much cheaper to run than traditional combustion engine vehicles. Charging an EV costs less than fuelling a petrol or diesel vehicle. In fact, it typically costs about 80% more to drive 100km in a petrol car compared to an EV1.

  • Enjoy a smoother and quieter ride. EVs are much quieter and smoother to drive than traditional cars2. No more engine noise or vibrations.

  • Feel the instant torque. EVs deliver their power instantly, which means they accelerate much faster than gas-powered cars3. Get ready for a thrilling driving experience.

  • Reduce your maintenance costs. EVs have fewer moving parts than conventionally powered cars, which means they require less maintenance and are less likely to break down4. Say goodbye to expensive oil changes and exhaust system repairs.

  • Do your part for the environment. EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions5, which helps to improve air quality and protect the environment. So you can be a part of the positive change.

  • Take advantage of government incentives. The UK government offers several incentives to encourage people to switch to EVs, such as reduced road taxes6, and access to clean air zones7 for example. These perks make the transition to an EV even more affordable.

  • Charge your EV at home. Charging your EV at home is easy and convenient. No more trips to the petrol station. Just plug it into your charger overnight. Not got a charger yet? Well, you’re just 4 steps away from a new home charger from E.ON Next.

  • Choose from a variety of stylish and modern designs. EVs come in all shapes and sizes, from compact city cars to sophisticated SUVs. You're sure to find an EV that matches your style and needs.

As demand for electric vehicles grows across the UK, further investment is needed to expand the EV charging infrastructure. In turn this will help make choosing an EV more accessible. And the good news is these challenges are being addressed head-on, and the transition to EVs is well underway.

So, if you're thinking about switching to an electric vehicle, it’s worth doing a bit of homework to find out all of the benefits on offer - like our chargers and cheaper EV tariffs for example. You might be surprised at how much you can save and how much you'll enjoy driving an EV.

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Published 07/11/2023