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So, what is a smart meter?

Smart meters give you the chance to see how much you’re spending on your energy, this really helps if you’re trying to lower your business energy bills and implement energy efficiency measures in your workplace.

The smart meter essentially helps you track exactly how much your business uses and what it costs.

How does smart equal sustainable?

With smart meters comes a smarter energy grid, helping us to be more precise about the energy that everyone needs and reducing CO2 emissions by 25% in the next decade. Wonder what would happen if everyone in the UK upgraded to a smart meter? It would have the same environmental impact as planting 75 million trees. A year. That's something to think about.

Not sure whether to get a smart meter?

Don't worry, we've put together a handy blog to talk you through the yays and nays of getting a smart meter. Have a read through and hopefully by the end you'll see how a SMETS2 smart meter can benefit you.

Ready. Set. Go smart.

We'll run a couple of checks to make sure we can change your electricity and gas meters. These include:

  • Making sure there's access to the electricity and gas meters.

  • Your electricity supply and gas supply are with us. You'll need to be with us for at least your electricity to have a new meter installed.

  • The mobile signal at your business premise is good.

  • You don't already have a smart meter.

Once we've done that and everything looks good, we'll get an appointment booked that suits you!

Book your smart meter appointment online or call us on 0808 501 5266.

If you've already booked your new meter installation then you can get more information about what a smart meter installation involves.

Why get a smart meter?

Smart meters are great and we believe everyone should have one. They have lots of benefits, like showing you how much you’re using in near real time and helping you take control and manage how much you’re using. They also benefit the environment, by helping customers and energy companies to take action to reduce carbon emissions.

The UK Government expect every home and business to have a smart meter by the end of 2025. To meet this ambition, they are setting all Suppliers a fixed target each year for new smart installations. In 2024, for E.ON this is 672,752.

We believe everyone should have a smart meter, so we will be getting in touch with those who don’t yet have one to offer them a smart meter and support them through this smart journey. Why not get yours today?

Keeping our customers safe.

We are making sure that we follow all the latest government guidelines. However if there are any concerns or requests please speak to the technician on the day.

Guaranteed Standards of Service.

We know that sometimes things come up and you need to rearrange, no problem. Just give us a call on 0808 501 5266 and we'll find a date and time that works best for you.

We'll do everything we can to arrive within the time agreed as we never want to let you down when it comes to visiting your property. But sometimes unexpected things happen and under our Guaranteed Standards of Service, you could be entitled to a payment if we don't arrive when we say we will.

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Your smart meter FAQs.

Are smart meters good for the environment?

Have a read through our blog post to discover how you can switch to a smart meter and do your bit for the environment.

Information throughout this page has been sourced from the 2019 Smart Meter Communications Research conducted by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, June 2019.