Smart meters: yay or nay?

Smart meters: yay or nay?

The big smart meter change can be either daunting or exciting. Some think this is the dream (well 20 million around the UK seem to think so). But it's not everyone's cup of tea and like anything new, many will have doubts and there are smart meter pros and cons. So of course, we set up a yay or nay list.

Yay (why you should definitely switch).

  • It's free!

    The smart meter is all set up and installed for you free of charge. It’ll allow you better visibility over your energy use. The gadget itself is free too and it displays real-time information, whilst you sip a cup of tea.

  • You become smarter.

    No, it doesn't have a magic effect on you. But the fact you can check your real-time usage means you’ll end up changing your habits. This was proven through research by Ofgem, that shows customers who regularly look at the real-time usage data on their display unit do change their habits and reduce their energy usage, which saves them money(1). This of course doesn’t affect everyone, as we’re all different and behave differently.

  • Accuracy.

    With smart meters, you get accurate bills – estimates are a thing of the past. You avoid any inaccurate, shock bills and just have that added peace of mind.

  • Prepay friendly.

    Smart meters are literally for everyone, no matter how you pay. And best of all, a smart meter can be switched between prepaying mode and credit mode remotely. So no hassle involved. Smart meters are literally for everyone, no matter how you pay. And best of all, a smart meter can be switched between prepaying mode and credit mode remotely. So no hassle involved. Want to know more? We have a whole Smart Pay As You go page dedicated to it!

  • A broader range of tariffs.

    Smart future is now a given and of course, so many suppliers will jump aboard the smart train. To help you make that change, energy suppliers end up offering a broad range of tariffs, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

  • Helps save the planet.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Switching to a smart meter will automatically improve your awareness of energy consumption. As a result, you end up buying more energy-efficient devices and appliances. Smart Energy GB estimates a 24% decrease in emissions from homes and businesses by 2030 (2). Find out more about how smart meters really can help save the planet.

Nay (The possible downside).

  • Poor network.

    Unfortunately, some ‘first generation’ smart meters can have a weak signal because they were designed to use mobile networks. So if you have a weak mobile signal you’ll have a weak smart meter. Having said this, this has been improved by the new dedicated wireless smart meter network, This has been set up by the DCC and will provide coverage to at least 99.25% of premises in Great Britain(3).

  • Will not reduce bills.

    The smart meter alone cannot and will not reduce your bills. It all depends on the behaviour of the person. We’re putting it in the ‘Nay’ section because of course everyone is different and reacts differently. If you’re the sort of person who becomes more aware if you can see it then this will reduce your bills.

  • Not all suppliers have supported it.

    Whilst the majority of energy suppliers are happily offering smart meter tariffs, you may need to come to terms with the fact not all do.

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Published 15/08/2021