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All our tariffs come with 100% renewable* electricity, no exit fees and dedicated Energy Specialists. Whether you're looking to fix your electricity and gas prices for a couple of years or you're after a tariff that goes up and down with the market, we have the energy deal for you.

These are our current electricity and gas tariffs.

Depending on the tariff, you may need to have a smart meter or agree to have one installed.

Next 2 year

Our fixed-even-longer tariff, double the time, double the feel-good feeling.

  • Fixed prices for 24 months.

  • No exit fees.

  • 100% renewable electricity.

What type of energy tariff is right for you?

There are two types of electricity and gas tariffs that we offer: fixed and variable. With fixed or fixed rate tariffs you'll pay the same amount for each kWh of energy you use. Most energy suppliers will offer 1 or 2 year fixed energy tariffs and can be good if you want peace of mind.

Variable tariffs on the other hand, can change in price. Normally this happens every 6 months, in April and October. On a variable tariff, the price you pay for your electricity and gas can't go above the energy price cap, which is set by Ofgem.

Enjoy 100% renewable electricity with your new tariff.

Want to do your bit for the planet and get a great energy deal? All of our fixed and variable tariffs come with 100% renewable electricity.

As an energy supplier, we're doing our best to offset carbon and create a sustainable future. Plus we can also supply your business with 100% renewable electricity too.

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*Electricity backed by 100% renewable sources. E.ON's renewable generation assets, agreements with UK generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your home or business comes from the National Grid and DNOs.