Get paid for your solar power.

Get paid for your solar power.

Solar energy is a great way to power your home and save on energy bills. You can not only save, but you can earn money too, via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). Solar panels work by collecting energy from the sun, which is then converted into usable electricity. The use of solar power can help to reduce your reliance on grid electricity, which in turn, reduces your energy bills and saves you money over time. You can find out more about all things solar by reading our How do solar panels work? blog.

What are SEG payments?

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a government obligation for larger suppliers to offer an export tariff that pays customers for excess electricity that they send back to the grid from renewable technologies, such as solar panels.

Can I get SEG payments through E.ON Next?

The good news is, E.ON Next are a mandated SEG licensee and so you could get SEG payments through us. We have two SEG tariff options as shown below.

  1. Next Export.

    Available to all customers that have bought their solar installation from an independent installer or who have had their solar panels installed on grant. The installation can have a maximum capacity of 5MW.- - 12-month fixed term export tariff. - No exit fees. - 3 pence per kWh paid for exported electricity.

  2. Next Export Exclusive.

    Exclusively for any customers who bought their solar installation from E.ON solar after 1 January 2020. Our very best export rate. - 12-month fixed term export tariff. - No exit fees. - 5.5 pence per kWh paid for exported electricity.

Am I eligible?

Firstly, you must have one of the following energy solutions:

  • Solar photovoltaic system

  • Hydro power

  • Onshore wind

  • Micro-Combined Heat and Power

  • Anaerobic digestion

You must also:

  • Be the owner of the generation unit e.g. solar panels.

  • Have a generation unit with a capacity of up to 5MW.

  • Have a meter that is able to record energy that’s exported to the grid, on a half-hourly basis. This could be a smart meter.

  • Have an installation that is certified to the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), or Flexi-Orb.

  • Have the ability to opt out of FiT payments. or be prepared to lose your FiT export payment if you move to SEG.

  • Not be receiving SEG payments from another licensee.

If you don’t currently own solar panels, but are interested in getting them installed, you could get up to £200 with our exclusive offer for E.ON Next customers. Find out more in our Start Your Solar Journey blog.

Make your home smarter with a smart meter.

Switching to a smart meter means you can see exactly what you are spending on your energy in real time. Knowledge is power when it comes to powering your home, so take control of your energy use and make budgeting a cinch. Together we can reduce energy bills as well as carbon emissions. Find out how you can get a smart meter for your home.

Feel the Community power.

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Published 18/06/2023