Five things you should know about energy bills this October.

Five things you should know about energy bills this October.

We’re working with our colleagues over at Energy UK to make sure that our customers are informed about the wider energy market volatility and how it affects them. A lot has happened over the last month with the government announcing a number of schemes to help people through the cost of living crisis. It can be overwhelming to try and keep track of what scheme is which and how it will benefit customers, so Energy UK have highlighted the Top 5 things you need to know, which we’ve shared below:

Five things to know about energy bills, October 2022.

1: Prepare for “Meter Reading Day”.

Customers should check with their supplier for specific advice on giving a reading when the new higher prices start on 1 October 2022, as most suppliers will accept readings for a few days either side. Customers with a working smart meter (credit or prepayment) or on fixed-term tariffs, do not need to submit additional meter readings on or before 1 October, they’re done automatically. We do! At E.ON Next you can read your meter and submit it anytime between 27 Sept and 5 Oct, it doesn’t have to be sent to us on 1 Oct. You can submit your readings on our website and app or contact us via email, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. Learn how to read your meter on our dedicated web page.

2: £2,500 represents an average annual bill for a typical household paying by Direct Debit.

The government’s Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) limits the price per unit of gas or electricity that suppliers can charge customers, and the £2,500 figure represents the average annual use of a typical home paying by Direct Debit [Gas: 12,000 kWh, Elec: 2,900 kWh, 3 bedrooms, 2-3 people]. However the amount you pay depends on how much electricity or gas is actually used, so it could be higher or lower than this figure. At E.ON Next we’re writing to all our customers to explain how the government’s EPG affects them. You don’t need to contact us, we will implement the changes automatically and make sure that our customers are protected by the EPG. Learn more on our dedicated Energy Price Guarantee web page.

3: Domestic customers will also receive the £400 EBSS, but will not receive the £400 in one go.

The payments will be split into instalments over six months with payments starting from October 2022 (£66 in October, £66 in November and £67 in each month from December 2022 to March 2023). Energy suppliers may pay the EBSS by reducing customers’ Direct Debit. It’s also important to note that the EBSS is applied to those who pay electricity bills. That’s right, you’re still getting the £400 from the government’s EBSS. We’re working out the maths of how the EPG and the EBSS affects every customer individually and are writing to you to explain what this means. Learn more on our dedicated Energy Bills Support Scheme web page.

4: There is no need to contact energy suppliers about the Energy Bills Support Scheme or the Energy Price Guarantee.

  • For credit customers, the discounted tariff and EBSS discount will both be automatically applied from 1 October. It will show on people’s first bill from October, however the timing of this will vary depending on how often customers are billed.

  • Customers on prepayment meters will receive vouchers for the EBSS, and should ensure their details are up to date with their supplier in order to receive them. They can be claimed at Paypoint or Post Offices but check beforehand where these can be claimed, as it varies depending on the energy supplier. Any discounts to tariffs under the Energy Price Guarantee will be applied to prepayment customers automatically.

For E.ON Next prepayment customers these vouchers will only be redeemable at the Post Office, not at all top-up locations. If you want to check that your details are correct, log into your online customer dashboard on our website or app.

5: Beware of fraud.

There are scam messages and emails claiming that customers are ‘eligible for the energy bill rebate and need to apply’. As above, the government support packages are applied automatically – so any messages stating help in claiming the EBSS or EPG are fraudulent. People should contact their energy supplier if they’re in doubt and report any scams to Action Fraud. Look at Take-five for advice on how to spot fraudulent scams. Stay safe. You don’t need to apply or submit anything to be eligible for the EBSS (£400) or the EPG. Both these government schemes will be implemented by us automatically. Don’t let the scammers win! If you receive a text or email that you’re not sure of… pause… and read our staying safe online page for advice.You can learn more about Energy UK on their website.

Energy bills help.

We want to reassure you that we are dedicated to helping you where we can. We have put together some helpful resources where you can access support from us, charities and the government.

Contact our Energy Specialists if you’re having difficulty.

Our Energy Specialists are here to help you if you’re concerned about your energy bills. If you’re struggling to pay, please visit our help page to find out more about how we can support you. You can reach out to our Energy Specialists for personal advice on WhatsApp.

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Published 26/09/2022