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See how you can make your home more energy efficient with our range of heating, generation and travel solutions.

Make a change for the future.

Whilst we all try to do the little things to make our homes more sustainable and to get those energy bills down, there are some big changes that we can make that will have a larger impact. From replacing your old boiler to saying goodbye to your petrol car as you switch to an electric vehicle, you can make a leap towards a greener future.

Our colleagues at E.ON can offer you a wide range of energy solutions for you and your home, so let's find out what they are.


Find the right boiler to keep your home nice and warm.

Solar panels

Enjoy renewable solar electricity that you've produced.

Heat pumps

Get a more sustainable heating solution at your home.

Drive towards a brighter future.

We're here to help you make the move to an electric vehicle. From installing new electric vehicle chargers at your home to helping you get the right electricity tariff, we'll aim to make the transition as easy as possible.

We've also got some great tools if you're not sure whether an electric car is right for you, including discussing how EVs compare to petrol cars and how far you can get on a single EV charge.

Learn about electric vehicles

Boiling up a change.

Is your old boiler playing up? Or perhaps you're redoing your kitchen and want to get a new combi-boiler installed before you start decorating? Well our colleagues at E.ON can help with a great range of boilers available for your home.

They'll talk you through your options and requirements, making sure to find the right boiler for you and your family. Plus, they offer a professional installation service to get that boiler fitted just right.

Get a new boiler

Brighten up your energy.

Take control of your energy generation by having solar panels installed on your home. You'll be able to generate sustainable electricity from solar power which can be used to power everything from your kettle to your lights.

Plus, you can also get battery storage which means you don't waste that excess electricity you generate, and sign up for our Smart Export Guarantee tariff which enables you to get paid for electricity you send back to the grid.

More about solar

Things are heating up.

That's because heat pumps are the new solution on the block. Rather than having a boiler provide your home with hot water and heating, you can have a heat pump installed that will provide you with a more sustainable solution.

How do heat pumps work

Want to learn more about our energy solutions?

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Say goodbye to petrol cars.

Find out what this means for your average driver.

Why go solar?

See why you should join the world's fastest growing energy solution.

Is your boiler ready for winter?

We've put together a helpful guide to help you stay a step ahead.

Apps to help you go green.

Check out some more apps designed to help keep track of your energy, make sustainable suggestions or help recycle unwanted items.