Start using your nearest electric vehicle public charging station.

See how easy it is to charge your electric car when you’re out and about.

Leaf on phone.

Get your car charged when you’re out and about.

With electric vehicles you get the benefit of being able to charge at home, no more having to dash out to petrol stations before work. However, if you do need to charge when away from home, we’ve got you covered.

E.ON are building a network of Ultra Fast Charging stations across the UK, which have charging points that could give your electric car a 100 mile range in as little as 10 minutes. To help you find these public charging points, we’ve put together this helpful EV charger map.

Are there free electric car charging points?

Yes, you can find thousands of free public charging points across the UK. These are often located in supermarkets, public car parks and services stations. They may have certain restrictions around charging for a set period of time or requiring an-in store purchase, so it’s best to check before you charge.

Find the right public charger for your needs.

Depending on your type of electric vehicle as well as how much time you have to charge your car, you’ll want to find the right public charger. There are three main types: slow, fast and rapid.

Slow chargers are usually up to 3kW and can take around 8-10 hours to full charge, whilst fast chargers are normally 7 - 22kW and can take approximately 3-4 hours.

Rapid chargers are from 43kW. They can charge your car in around 30-60 minutes, but are only compatible with rapid-charging function EVs.

Almost all EVs are able to charge on Type 2 units for fast charging, and either Chademo, CCS and Tesla Type 2 for rapid charging.

How do I use a public charger?

Once you’ve found your public charging point, you’ll need to lift the charge point cable from the holder (or use your own if there isn’t one) and connect it to the charging socket on your electric vehicle. You then select the socket type from the selection on the charge point touchscreen.

There are a number of different ways to pay for your electricity, including: contactless/smartphone, Pay As You Go, an RFID card or through an app such as E.ON Drive.

To stop charging, you can push the stop button on the touchscreen which will release the cable and let you disconnect it from your car.

Download the E.ON Drive app.

The E.ON Drive app can show you the locations of EV charging points near to you as well as be used to pay for these public charging points. The E.ON Drive app is available for Apple and Android.

Not sure how long it'll take to charge your vehicle?

Whilst it depends on a number of factors, such as battery size, we've pulled together what you need to need to plan your EV charging.

You can also see how far you'll get on a single charge, great if you're planning a longer journey or worried about how far EVs can go.