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Your guide to ultra fast electric vehicle charging stations.

How to charge your electric car at our ultra fast charging stations across the UK and Europe.

EV ultra fast charging

What are ultra fast charging stations?

Ultra fast EV charging stations are public chargers that have speeds of up to 175kW. This means that you can charge your electric car up to a 100 mile range in as little as 10 minutes.

There are charging stations across the UK and EU, with over 3,000 currently available.

How do I find an ultra fast charging station?

You can find your nearest charge point using the map on the E.ON Drive app. It can be found using the Google Play store or the Apple App store.

You can also view the map online.

How do I use an ultra fast charging station?

Our EV charging points are plug in and go. All you need to do is:

  1. Lift the charging cable from the holder.

  2. Connect it to the charging socket on your vehicle.

  3. Select the socket type from the selection shown on the charge point screen.

  4. Pay using one of the methods available.

When you’re using ultra fast EV charger make sure you’re using it safely:

  • Always follow your vehicle’s charging instructions.

  • To avoid the risk of electric shock, don’t use the EV charge point if the cable or charge point appears damaged.

How do I pay for an ultra fast charge?

There are four easy ways you can pay at an E.ON charging station:

Contactless and smartphone payment.

Follow the instructions on the charge point touch screen and hold your contactless credit or debit card or smartphone against the payment terminal at the top of the reader.

We also support payment by Apple Pay or Google Pay.

E.ON RFID card or tag.

Place your E.ON RFID card or tag against the reader to start. You must ensure your card is placed at the bottom of the reader and not on the contactless card reader at the top. The cost will be taken from your account balance on the E.ON Drive App.

Pay As You Go.

Go to eonevpay.co.uk and enter the unique location code shown on the charge point (this is also shown on the map in the E.ON Drive App). Enter your credit card details and follow the online instructions.

Don’t close the web page as you’ll need it to stop charging.

E.ON Drive App.

In the app, select the charge point from the map and you’ll see a list of socket types, choose the socket type that fits your vehicle and swipe to start charging.

How do I stop using the ultra fast EV charger?

That depends on the payment method you use to start the charge:

Contactless or smartphone.

To stop charging, push the stop button on the touch screen. This will release the cable and allow you to disconnect it from your vehicle.

E.ON RFID card or tag.

Hold your E.ON RFID card against the reader again to release the charging cable.

Pay As You Go.

Click stop charging on the webpage. This will also release the charging cable and allow you to disconnect it from your vehicle.

E.ON Drive App.

Swipe end charge shown at the bottom of your mobile device screen. Alternatively, disconnecting the cable from the car will stop the charging session. Return the charging cable to the holder.

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