How to solve common EV charger issues.

Getting you back on the road quicker with a simple guide solving EV charger problems.

Getting started.

Using your EV charger.

EV charging cables.

Powering your EV charger.




Get the lowdown on finding the best EV charging prices.

If you’re thinking of buying an electric vehicle (EV), or you’ve already made the switch, you’ll want to know the cost of charging it. Check out this explainer video.

Installation instructions and conformity documents for the Vestel EV charger.

You can download a copy of the EVC04 installation guide.

Conformity documents.

Please find the model number you need from the list below to view its conformity document:

Model: EVC04-E7-W-C

Model: EVC04-E7-W-S

Model: EVC04-E7-WCTPEN-C

Model: EVC04-E7-WCTPEN-S



Model: EVC04-E22-WLDM-C

Model: EVC04-E22-WLDM-S

Model: EVC04-E22-WLDSCM-C

Model: EVC04-E22-WLDSCM-S

Model: Pulsar Max

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