Lower running costs.

An electric car will cost you less to fill up and drive, as well as being cheaper to service and maintain. Plus there’s little or no vehicle tax to pay.

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Home charger.

No more going to the petrol station in the morning before work, get an electric home charger installed and you can charge your electric car overnight.

Cleaner environment.

Because they’re electric, EVs aren’t releasing carbon exhaust fumes into the air whilst you’re driving, helping to reduce air pollution and combat climate change.

No congestion charge.

If you live in London or areas which have introduced Clean Air Zones to reduce pollution, you’ll avoid paying any charges in an electric vehicle.

Government grants.

Depending on your situation you could be eligible for a government grant towards your EV including the plug-in car grant and the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS).

Renewable electricity tariffs.

All of our fixed energy tariffs come with 100% renewable electricity as standard. Plus you can check out our EV tariff.

Reduced noise pollution.

Without petrol or diesel engines to make all that noise, EVs are much quieter. In fact they’re so quiet they are now required by law to emit a noise (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System) when reversing or traveling below 12 mph.

Road tax reductions.

If you’re driving a fully electric car rather than a plug-in hybrid, then your road tax is absolutely free. If you drive a plug-in hybrid you’ll still get a discount over petrol or diesel cars.

Smoother driving experience.

With less internal moving parts, electric cars can handle easier, make less noise and benefit from regenerative braking that captures motion energy from acceleration that would have been wasted.

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