How much does a new boiler cost?

Learn more about the costs and savings of getting a new boiler installed.

How much does a boiler cost to replace?

Boiler prices depend on the type of boiler system you are installing. There are three boiler types - combi, system, and regular. Learn more about the different boiler types.

Combi boiler

How much is a new combi boiler?

Prices start from £2,395 for an all-in-one combi boiler installation with us, making them the most affordable option.

Take a look at the benefits of a combi boiler.

System boiler

How much is a new system boiler?

Prices start from £2,549 for a system boiler installation, which includes the cost of the hot water storage tank.

Find out if a system boiler is right for your home.

Regular boiler

How much is a new regular boiler?

Prices start from £2,375 depending on the complexity of your regular boiler installation, which includes a hot water cylinder and cold water tank.

Learn more about regular boilers.

Budgeting for a new boiler.

If you invest in a good quality new boiler, it should last around 10-15 years. Which means, there’s a chance you’ll have been lucky enough never to have needed to buy a new boiler before. Don’t worry, buying a new boiler doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why we’ve made a handy breakdown of what to consider when looking into new boiler prices.

Why are some boilers more expensive?

Here’s a quick roundup of the key things that affect the price of your new boiler, so you can plan your budget and make an informed choice.

Boiler size.

The bigger your boiler the more expensive it will be - and the more it will cost to run. However, that doesn’t mean smaller boilers are a better choice for your home, as they may not have enough power to heat all your radiators and meet your hot water demand.

Check out our boiler size guide to get an idea of what you will need.


When you buy a new boiler you will get a choice of how long a guarantee you would like. The guarantee protects you if something goes wrong during the agreed timeframe. Longer guarantees will add to your boiler price, but you will be protected for longer if there’s a fault.

You may also want to consider adding Homeserve boiler cover for annual servicing and breakdown cover.

Regular boiler

Brand and model.

When it comes to picking the right boiler for you, there are lots to choose from. Different brands and boiler models will have different features. High-performance energy efficient boilers, such as our range of Worcester Bosch Greenstar boilers, may have a higher upfront cost - but they could save you up to £475 a year on your energy bills^ for long-term value.


Instead of paying the whole cost upfront, you might prefer to make payments over time with a boiler finance option. However, be careful as not all boiler finance options offer 0% interest - meaning that you will actually end up paying more overall.

Fortunately, we do. So, if you opt for our 1 or 2 year boiler finance options you will only pay for the cost of your boiler package. For even more flexibility with your payments, we also offer 5, 7 and 10 year finance options at 7.9% APR (we are a credit broker not a lender✪).

Changing location or type.

One of the biggest factors that can affect the cost of a new boiler is if you are installing it in a new location or changing to a different boiler type. These changes require additional time and materials, which makes the installation more expensive. If you are considering making either of these changes we recommend you budget for some additional costs.

Learn more about the costs of moving a boiler.

Heating control upgrade.

A new boiler installation is the perfect time to upgrade your heating controls to a smart thermostat like the Worcester Bosch EasyControl. An EasyControl costs £260 but you can add it to your boiler finance package. 

Take a look at the benefits of smart thermostats.

How much could a new boiler save?

Wondering if it’s worth getting a new boiler? Depending on the efficiency of your current boiler, upgrading to a brand new high-efficiency boiler, like our market-leading Worcester Bosch Greenstar range, could save you up to £475 a year on your energy bills^.

Our Worcester Bosch boiler prices start from £2,395, with 0% interest finance options available. So, if your boiler is on its last legs don’t wait for the inconvenience of a breakdown - consider upgrading today and you could start enjoying lower bills. Get a boiler quote online.

How long does it take to recoup the costs of a new boiler?

The payback period of your new boiler will depend on two factors: its price, and how much it will save you on your energy bills. The bigger the upgrade to your boiler efficiency (e.g replacing a G rated boiler with an A rated model) the more it will save you on your bills. And the more it saves you the shorter the payback period. Sometimes, you may even find that a more expensive but more efficient boiler has a shorter payback period than cheaper alternatives, as it will save you more money over time.

Get £150 off a new boiler.

Did you know? Heating and hot water make up over half of your annual energy bill. Upgrading to a new high efficiency boiler could save you up to £475 on your fuel bill each year.^ Plus, you can add your own EasyControl smart thermostat to compatible boiler packages from our Worcester Bosch Greenstar range.

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^An average household could save up to £475 on their annual gas bill. Savings information for boilers in the UK provided by the Energy Saving Trust, based on a detached house with a boiler rating of G.