How much does it cost to move a boiler?

Thinking of moving your boiler system? Budget with confidence using our helpful guide.

Reasons you may need to move a boiler.

You may be considering moving a boiler for a variety of reasons. Your old boiler location may be in the way of a loft conversion or extension you’re planning. You may want to move it out of a high traffic area like your kitchen or bedroom to reduce the noise and create more space. Or perhaps you simply want it tucked away out of sight in your garage, loft, or kitchen cupboard.

Whatever the reason, it’s absolutely possible to move your boiler, but there will likely be costs involved◆.

How much does it cost to relocate a boiler?

Prices will vary for any boiler move depending on the labour costs, parts required, and the distance you are moving it. To move your boiler an engineer will need to drain your system, move the pipework, and move the electrical connections to set everything up safely in its new location. This will usually cost more, the further you want to move a boiler system.

On average there’s usually between a £350 - £750 cost to move a boiler.

Additional costs that may apply to a boiler move.

Distance you want to move it.

How far you want to move your boiler affects the cost. Generally, it is cheaper to relocate it within the same room than to an entirely new location.

Moving it to a different floor.

Relocating your boiler to a new floor will require lifting floorboards and extending pipework, which will further increase the cost of the move.

Your boiler type.

Regular and system boilers will usually cost more to move as they have a hot water cylinder (and a water tank for regular boilers) that will also need moving.

Moving the boiler flue.

A flue helps to get rid of exhaust gases from your boiler. It is very common for boiler’s flue and waste pipe to also require relocating with a boiler move and might involve making access through a wall to allow release into the atmosphere.

Boiler age.

Older boilers can be more difficult to move, increasing the cost. You may want to consider upgrading to a new boiler instead, especially if you currently have an old non-condensing boiler model. Whilst upgrading is also an added cost, it could improve your energy efficiency - potentially saving you money in the long-term.

Changing boiler type.

If your current boiler isn't meeting your heating and hot water demands you may benefit from changing to a new boiler type. Changing to a new type of boiler may add to the cost, depending on the amount of work involved. However, combining it with a boiler move does mean all the work can be done at once. Find the right boiler type for your home

Other related costs.

When planning to move a boiler there are some non-boiler costs you might want to consider; such as retiling, repainting, and refitting or replacing carpet in the current and new location. Additionally, if you are moving your boiler to the loft, the flue will need to exit through the roof, which may mean removing tiles and watertighting. Not all engineers will include this in your boiler move, but if you choose us you can rest assured your roof will be left as it should be.

Your boiler’s electrics will also need moving with the boiler, which not all boiler engineers will be able to do, potentially increasing the labour costs. Plus, if your heating control isn’t wireless, you will need to move the connections between it and your boiler as well.

Where can I move my boiler to?

Wondering if you can move a boiler from upstairs to downstairs? Or simply looking for some new boiler location ideas? The good news is you can pretty much move a boiler to anywhere you like at home. Just make sure that it’s easy to access and won’t need to be moved again in future.

Want to move your boiler?

Always get advice from a gas engineer. They can recommend the best places to move your boiler based on the cost, boiler type, and space available. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your old boiler whilst you move it, you can get a quote for a new energy efficient boiler from us that includes professional installation. Replacing your old one (15+ years) could lower your energy bills and carbon emissions, plus our professional heating engineers can help you find the perfect spot for your new boiler installation.

Unsure if you have the best boiler for your home? Learn more about the benefits of regular, system, and combi boilers before your boiler relocation.

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