Smart thermostats.

Enjoy smart heating and hot water for a smarter home with our Worcester Bosch thermostat.

What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat does everything a standard wall thermostat can do and much more. They use your wi-fi to provide a range of automated features that help make managing your heating settings even simpler. Plus, you can use the companion app to take control any time, anywhere - meaning if you’re heading home early you can set your heating on the go so it’s toasty inside when you get there.

EasyControl smart thermostat features.

Presence detection.

You can connect up to 10 smart devices to the EasyControl wireless thermostat. Using smart technology it can detect your devices location - turning the heating off when you leave or turning it up when you’re on your way home. If multiple smartphones are connected it will only turn your heating off when the last person leaves - keeping your home cosy for everyone without wasting energy.

Multi-room control.

Create multi-room zones in your house by replacing your thermostatic radiator valves with smart TRVs. You can connect up to 19 smart TRVs to your thermostat, allowing for precise individual control of the temperature throughout your home. Each zone can be managed separately allowing you to save energy in less used rooms, and tweak the settings for maximum comfort.

Smart heating for a smart home.

Bring your thermostat into your smart home network by connecting it to your Alexa for voice activated control. You can also use IFTTT (if this then that) to create applets that connect with your other smart devices and applications to set your own personalised automations.

Manual override for instant heat.

Turn off presence detection at any time using the app, to put control of your heating back in the palm of your hand. For your peace of mind, all data is stored directly on your thermostat, so that no data is shared with third parties.

Full control of your hot water.

Use the app to schedule your hot water at your convenience, so you can have a hot shower ready for you whenever you need it. No need to manually adjust your boiler’s programmer, your smart thermostat can do it all.

How much can a smart thermostat save?

Whether a smart thermostat could help you save energy (and therefore lower your energy bills) depends on your current routine. Smart thermostats are great for households with lifestyles that mean the house is empty at different times and for different lengths each day, as they can adapt to your habits and even track if you all go out. This helps to ensure you don’t waste heat on an empty house and maximise your energy savings. 

However, if you have a regular daily routine that means the house is empty at the same time each day, your energy usage is likely to be the same by simply setting a timer on your built-in boiler programmer. Learn how to set a timer on your boiler.

Whilst it's always great to discover a new way to save energy, there are many other reasons why you may benefit from a smart thermostat even if it’s unlikely to make you more efficient at home. From the convenience of automated settings that learn your lifestyle, to the comfort of always coming into a cosy home - there are lots of reasons why these clever wireless thermostats might be right for you.

Benefits of an EasyControl smart thermostat.

All in one place.

More than just a thermostat. With EasyControl you can manage your heating and hot water all in one convenient place.

Home heating in the palm of your hand.

Download the Bosch EasyControl app to control your heating whilst you’re out and about, making sure your home's always cosy to come back to.

Save when nobody’s home.

Presence detection uses your phone’s location to tell when you’re not at home, turning off your heating to save energy and money.

Adapts to your lifestyle.

The EasyControl smart thermostat learns your heating routine and adapts your boiler programmes to match automatically.

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