Boiler grants.

Get a helping hand upgrading to energy efficient home heating.

What is a boiler grant?

A boiler grant helps cover the costs of a new boiler, and, unlike a loan, you won’t have to repay it. Typically, it also covers the cost of boiler installation by a Gas Safe heating engineer. Depending on your location, various boiler finance schemes are available. Before applying, check your eligibility as each scheme is different.

Upgrading to an A-rated new boiler can save energy and reduce household energy bills. The government provides multiple financial support options to improve home energy efficiency across the UK in order to combat fuel poverty and progress towards net zero. Free boiler grants are just one of the ways you can get support to improve your energy efficiency. Many schemes also provide access to other energy saving upgrades, such as loft insulation grants and renewable energy solutions.

Boiler grants available in the UK.

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