Join the ECO4 scheme.

You could be eligible for free energy efficiency upgrades.

What is ECO4?

ECO4 is an Energy Company Obligation and a government scheme to help Britain's most vulnerable households to keep warm and save money by improving your home's energy rating.

All homes have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, ranging from A to G. The scheme offers you a number of energy-efficient measures to improve your property’s EPC rating . You can check the EPC rating of your home.

In the last 15 years EON has installed over 1.5 million energy-saving measures in over 450,000 households across Britain.

How can ECO4 help you?

With ECO4 you can get free energy efficiency upgrades to your home, such as floor insulation or solar panels, done by accredited installers.

As an example, solid wall insulation on a semi-detached house could save up to £410 a year on your energy bills.1

1 As an example, Cavity Wall Insulation on a detached house could save you up to £235 a year on your energy bills. Figure is based on fuel prices as of April 2024, from a semi-detached gas-heated home. Information sourced from the Energy Saving Trust.

What home improvements can you get with ECO4?

It will depend on what your home needs. We’ll carry out a survey of your home to see what you need to do to increase energy efficiency and improve your home’s overall EPC. Some of the upgrades we offer include:

Cavity wall insulation.

By adding or improving the insulation in your home’s walls you can prevent heat loss and save money off your future heating bills.

External wall insulation.

Homes with solid walls can lose up to twice as much heat as modern cavity walls. If your home was built before 1920 then it’s likely to have them. External wall insulation can help reduce the amount of heat lost.

Loft insulation.

You can lose a lot of heat through your home's roof. So insulating your loft or room space is a simple and effective way to get those heating bills down.

Floor insulation.

Insulating your ground floor can stop heat escaping through it as well as keep your floors feeling warmer.

Solar panels.

Generate your own electricity and reduce your carbon emissions by having solar panels installed. You can also sell your excess energy back to the grid for some extra cash.

Am I eligible for ECO4 funding?

To get the fund you firstly must own your own home and your property has an EPC rating of D,E,F or G. If you don’t know your home’s EPC rating you can find it through the government’s website. We must also be working in your area.

You must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Receive one or more means tested benefits.

  • In receipt of child benefit (income thresholds apply).

  • Qualify under a Local Authority of supplier flex declaration.

If you believe you meet these then apply online now.

How do I get the ECO4 support?

To see if you qualify for the funding you’ll need to:

  1. Apply online using our Green Levy support finder. It will check your eligibility for the ECO4 support and, if we are working in your area, book an appointment so we can carry out a survey of your home.

  2. We’ll carry out the survey of your home to understand what measures you need to qualify for funding and to make your home more energy efficient.

  3. You’ll then need to confirm you’re happy with the improvements to go ahead.

Once you’ve given the go-ahead we’ll book an installation at a time to suit you and discuss how long it will take to get everything done. Your energy efficiency improvements will be done by one of our TrustMark registered installers.