Save energy and a bit of money with the Demand Flexibility Service.

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E.ON Next is helping customers save energy and a bit of money in conjunction with the National Grid ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service. It's a program that pays you for reducing your energy usage by a certain percentage during particular peak times (we call these "Events") this winter.

During winter 2022-23 E.ON Next customers saved 246204.47 kWh of energy during our events. That’s enough energy to watch a 50W TV for 562 years.

How it works.

  1. You sign up.

  2. We let you know your energy reduction target before the event.

  3. You confirm if you’re taking part (or not - up to you).

  4. You use less energy during that event.

  5. Meet or beat the target, and we credit your account.

  6. Share your efforts and spread the word using #PowerSwitch.

If you want to participate, you’ll need a smart meter that takes half-hourly readings, to give us permission to access those half hourly readings, and to opt into receiving communication about the events. Once you're enrolled, you'll receive alerts about upcoming Events.

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What is the Demand Flexibility Service?

The Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) is a project run by the National Grid Electricity Supply Operators (ESO). It rewards energy users for reducing their energy consumption during peak time events. The aim is to spread the demand for electricity over winter to avoid using polluting coal back-up generators – keeping Britain’s energy cleaner.

The National Grid ESO identifies peak times of day for electricity use. This happens because many of us have similar daily routines. During these peak time slots the National Grid ESO are asking us to use less electricity – then paying for the electricity we don’t use. Since November 2022 E.ON Next customers have taken part in Demand Flexibility Service events from the National Grid.

How do I reduce my energy consumption?

We’re committed to helping the nation find unexpected benefits from energy reduction in a bid to make using less energy feel rewarding. It’s not just about using less energy during Events, but switching mindsets to use less and get more in return. Here are some tips and inspiration:

  • Even when they're turned off, many electronics continue to use power when they're plugged in or on standby. Unplug your TV, computer, and other electronics you're not using to save energy.

  • Switch the electronics for fun energy-free activities, like board games or arts and crafts, that inspire the imagination and provide important bonding time. Whatever the weather, you can always grab your wellies and get active with a family walk or kick a ball around your local park. After all, it’s the time spent together that creates our most precious memories.

  • Lighting alone accounts for around 5% of the average household’s energy use. Make sure there’s no unnecessary lights around the house.

  • Take shorter showers and turn down the temperature on your water heater. Try showering to your favourite song to help set the pace!

  • Want a longer-term fix? Then try sealing air leaks and insulating your attic and walls. This will help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you won't have to use as much energy to heat and cool it.

We know that sometimes, energy-intensive tasks are necessary, but to give you the best chance of meeting your energy reduction target, these should be limited where possible during the Events. This includes things like:

  • Avoid running your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer until the Event is over.

  • If you have an EV, don’t charge it during an Event.

  • And if you have a heat pump, maybe turn it down by a few degrees during the Event.

Following these tips can save energy and money during Events. What’s more, you're helping to make the grid more reliable over the colder months because the National Grid ESO will have more of a chance of meeting the reduced demand, and avoid generating electricity from non-renewable sources1.

How much energy can I save?

For each Event, you’ll be given a target for reducing your energy use. If you meet your energy reduction target, you’ll receive credit to your E.ON Next account as a reward.

Your energy reduction target is calculated by using the half hourly data we get from your smart meter to understand how much electricity you would typically use during the time period of the Event, and giving you a percentage target to reduce by.

To calculate your energy reduction reward, we’ll take the number of kWh of electricity you reduced from your typical home usage, and multiply by the Event’s unit reward rate. So simply put, the more kWh you reduce by, the larger your credit reward will be!

The reward rate may vary between Events, and is dependent on the price set by National Grid ESO.

For example, let’s say your typical usage during an Event is 3kwh, and your energy reduction target is 20%. You participate in the Event and only use 1.2kwh, so you’ve reduced your consumption by 1.8kwh (60%). Based on an Event unit reward rate of £3 per kwh, you would receive £5.40. These figures are purely indicative and may be higher or lower in reality.

Is there any reason I can’t participate?

Even if you are eligible, you can only sign up with one supplier or third-party provider to take part in the National Grid ESO (Electricity Supply Operators) Demand Flexibility Service. If you are involved in another scheme, you won’t be able to participate in the E.ON Next Events, or receive any credit to your account through the energy reduction rewards.

How do I sign up to the Demand Flexibility Service?

If you’re an E.ON Next customer and you’re eligible, we’ll be in touch by email with a link to sign up.

And remember, even when you have signed up, it’s totally up to you how many Events you take part in, be that all of them, some or none at all. Get ready to start saving!

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Published 08/11/2023
Edited 14/12/2023