What does sustainable mean to us?

What does sustainable mean to us?

Hands up if, when you’re picking your energy supplier, you check how that company generates its electricity? For many of us the answer is probably no, and it’s something that we feel needs to change. We want to highlight the importance of buying and living sustainably and the small steps each of us can take to achieve that.

What does sustainability mean?

From the Cambridge dictionary: Sustainability Noun

  • The quality of being able to continue over a period of time.

  • The quality of causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time.

But what does that mean for us? It means that we need to start making changes as individuals. And that doesn’t mean growing all of our own food or never driving your car again. From turning the heating down to getting a smart meter, there are simple steps we can make on the road to sustainable living. We also spoke to the team here to see what sustainability means to them and how they’re trying to be more sustainable: "Feeling in harmony with the wild green world." - Trish "Being accountable for my actions and how these decisions impact the environment." - Lauren "Sustainable means doing my bit, no matter how big or small the action, every little bit matters towards building a greener future." - Angela "Being mindful of what I consume and how this impacts the planet. Trying to keep a 'buy once' mentality, only investing in quality products that'll last." - Ben "To me, sustainable means trying to make the right decision when purchasing anything from clothes, to food without plastic packaging, and walking or cycling when it isn’t necessary to drive. I’m a true believer of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." - Dan 'Sustainable has meant a lot more to me since moving out and into my own space - I got a real sense of "okay, it's my responsibility now to take action". Being sustainable for me is all about little steps. So far, alongside regular recycling, my housemates and I collect plastic food packaging/bags and take them to the special recycling point in town instead of throwing them in the bin. I also like to think of creative ways to use my leftovers instead of throwing them away - my risotto dinner the other day was stylised into arancini for lunch the next! Baby steps!' - Ella

What are we doing to help?

Here at E.ON Next, we’ve made the decision to supply all of our wonderful fixed tariff customers with 100% renewable electricity*. Forget coal power plants helping to power your new PS5. Power up with sources such as wind, solar and biomass to generate those wonderful watts for your entertainment. Want to support the UK transition to renewable energy? Check out our latest fixed tariff deals and get a quote today.

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*Electricity backed by 100% renewable sources, E.ON's renewable generation assets, agreements with UK generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your home comes from the National Grid. Fixed term contracts only. Smart meter required, where eligible. Exit fees and T&Cs apply.

Published 16/05/2021