Introducing Next Plus, our brand new loyalty programme.

Get year-round access to dazzling discounts for your favourite brands, all exclusive to E.ON Next customers. What's more, by taking part we’ll automatically raise money for climate charity Ecologi – making sustainable action seamless.

And the rewards don't stop there. Even more exclusive benefits will be added to the prize pool when our fixed tariffs become available again.

As a loyal E.ON Next customer, you’ve been invited to be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of Next Plus by taking part in this early access pilot before the big launch, to help us make it as good as it can be.

Top Next Plus rewards:


Brought to you by:

Kindred for business

How it works.

Enjoy your rewards in three easy steps.


To start saving, simply download our Google Chrome browser extension from your Next Plus dashboard. This handy tool has been designed to reward you for your everyday online purchases by showing you the great discounts you have available whilst you shop.


From new clothes to the latest tech, find exclusive savings on your everyday favourites. Your discount codes and coupons will pop up whilst you browse any time you shop online at a participating store. Plus, sustainable shopping has been made simpler with our Earthmark feature, which lets you view a sustainability rating for brands.


Raise money whilst you save, for a feel-good shopping experience. With every purchase you make using our Google Chrome extension we’ll make a donation on your behalf to Ecologi, a global climate change charity, to help fund climate projects.

The longer you’re with us, the more rewards you get access to. We’ll notify you when our fixed tariffs become available again, so you can unlock your new reward tiers.

How to redeem.

To view your available coupons or discount codes, simply search for the store you're shopping at using the Google Chrome browser on a desktop device (e.g. a laptop or computer).

If the store is participating, your offers will pop up on the page or can be viewed by opening the extension.

When you make a purchase through the Next Plus scheme we receive commission, the amount will vary depending on the retailer. We will donate 100% of any commission we receive, and Kindred, our partner, will donate 25% of their commission to fund projects which help reduce carbon emissions. Kindred is a social enterprise and donates at least 51% of its profits to good causes. We and Kindred will decide which charitable institutions to support as the best means of achieving a reduction in carbon emissions.