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Paying debt through your prepayment meter.

Your meter will collect any outstanding balance, if there is one, at the rate we've agreed with you. You'll need to top up enough to cover your weekly repayment amount, regular energy use and daily standing charge.

For gas prepayment meters:

Your meter will take money for this debt until the weekly repayment amount has been paid in full. It will take this amount from your first top up after a Wednesday morning each week, and every top up after that until your weekly amount is paid. Any money owed to the meter will be taken in full before you get any gas or electricity.

For gas, the top up will be allocated as shown in the example below

StepsWith a debtWithout a debt

Step 1

Value of top up (full pounds only).

£10 top up

£10 top up

Step 2

Is there a weekly repayment rate?

£5 weekly repayment amount

£0 weekly repayment amount

Step 3

Is there any Emergency Credit or Standing Charge owed?*

£2 emergency credit and standing charge

£2 emergency credit and standing charge

Step 4

Any remaining credit will be allocated for gas

£3 credit for gas

£8 credit for gas

*Press the red 'A' button to check the owed screen

For electricity prepayment meters:

Your debt repayments will be taken at regular intervals throughout the week.

Is there support available?

Yes, we can help you find the resources and advice you need if money is tight. Find out more about what support is available to help you pay your energy bills.

If you're worried or struggling to pay, please contact us so we can talk to you about this. We might be able to offer you extra credit (you'll still need to pay this back). We'll set up a longer repayment plan if needed so you can pay this in weekly/daily instalments through your meter at an affordable rate. We’ll also give you details of where to go to get free independent advice.

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If you prefer giving us a ring, know that our lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am - 4pm Friday.

Speech or hearing impaired customers can put 18001 in front of our phone number to use text relay at no extra cost. You can find out more on the Relay UK website.

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We're always still here for you after 5pm or over the weekend if you have an emergency with your prepayment or credit meter. You can either call 0808 501 5088, or you can email us or get in touch on our Social Media channels.