Get the most from Next Drive.

Take control of your electric vehicle charging with the Next Drive app.

Making the most of your Next Drive tariff.

Once you've signed up to the tariff, you'll need to get the app downloaded so you can start to see and use the cheaper charging times.

The app gives you the ability to set the charging times for your car, see how much you're using and get the cheapest cost for your energy by charging your your vehicle during off-peak hours.

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Sun and leaf in an electric car.

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Setting up your Next Drive app.

  1. Download the app.

  2. Connect - link the app with your compatible charger or electric vehicle.

  3. Set and forget - let the app know when you want your car charged by and it will automatically charge you at the off-peak price if it can.

  4. "Boost" your charging to start immediately when you need it.

And that's it. Simple.