Busting smart meter myths.

Busting smart meter myths.

Smart meters are still fairly new and, as with anything new, the rumours start spreading. So how do you know what’s true and what isn't? Let's set the record straight and bust these rumours wide open!

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See what our smart meter customers say about their experience with smart meters. Meet Yannick & Ellie who explain how they use their smart meter to understand better who is using the most energy in their household.

Myth: ‘Smart meters are not safe’.

This is the most common myth. However, it’s the complete opposite. Smart meters comply with all UK and EU safety standards and they’re fitted by trained installers. These trained installers perform visual safety checks, to identify any signs of risk in your gas appliances, at no extra cost. And just to add in case there’s any doubt – there’s clear evidence via the government that exposure to the radio waves produced by smart meters do not pose a health risk(1). Phew.

Myth: ‘I need to pay to get a smart meter installed’.

You don’t need to pay to get your smart meter installed. They’re installed for free.

Myth: ‘It’s a legal requirement to get a smart meter’.

The government is aiming for as many households and businesses as possible to install smart meters by 2025(2). However, you’re well within your rights to refuse one. No law claims you need to get one.

Myth: ‘Energy suppliers aren’t fitting smart meters during the pandemic’.

This is far from true. Energy suppliers like us are all adhering to any social distancing and safety measures to get your smart meters installed. This is constantly being reviewed. Contact your energy supplier for more information.

Myth: ‘I rent so I can't install a smart meter’.

As long as you're paying the bills, you’re entitled to ask for a smart meter. It’s worth checking with your landlord just in case, to see if any rules on your tenancy agreement might forbid you to get one.

Myth: ‘My data isn’t safe’.

This is a very serious allegation. But smart meters only capture and store data about your energy use. And you have the authority on how often they do this. The energy usage data you choose to share with an energy supplier is usually handled securely, in full compliance with data protection legislation and our privacy policy. Information about your energy will help your energy supplier understand how much energy everyone's using across the UK.

Myth: ‘I need an internet connection’.

No, you don't. Every smart meter has its own SIM card. It'll send your meter readings remotely over a safe, dedicated wireless GSM network. There’s no need for broadband or WiFi for you to get a smart meter installed.

Myth: ‘ Smart meters spy on people’.

We needed to put this out there – a smart meter cannot see or hear anything. It only measures the amount of electricity and gas being used. They cannot spy on anyone or breach someone’s sensitive data. It’s just not possible. Your energy readings are encrypted and can only be accessed by us. Your energy reading, nothing else.

Busting those myths feels good right?

Taking that leap of faith can help do that bit to save the environment. Jump over to our smart meter page and find out more.

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Published 22/08/2021