Keeping your smart meter healthy.

If we spot your smart meters aren’t working correctly or that they may stop working correctly in the future, we’ll get in touch with you so we can book an appointment to exchange them, but don’t worry we'll credit your account with £30 to cover any inconvenience once we have done it.

Is your smart meter working correctly?

With smart meters you should be:

  • Seeing how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence with your helpful in-home display.

  • Not receiving estimated bills.1

  • Not needing to provide meter readings as they’re sent to us automatically.

We’ll send out one of our meter technicians to visit and upgrade your smart meters, so you get all the great benefits our newest meters offer.

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1 If you change tariff or there is a price change, part of your bill may be estimated until we get a reading for your new tariff or price. E.ON Next customers who are GB residents aged 18+ and who receive an SMS, email, call or letter from E.ON Next about this offer and have a smart meter installed by 30.06.23, are eligible to receive £30 for an appointment, to be credited directly to their E.ON Next account which will take an average of 4 weeks to be credited. If an appointment is cancelled or aborted for any reason the £30 credit will not be applied, although our Guaranteed Standards of Service payment of £30 may still be applied.