Radio Teleswitch Service electricity meters need changing soon.

The radio signal that controls some types of electricity meter is being turned off, but you won’t be cut off. Here’s what’s happening.

What is the Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS)?

The Radio Teleswitch Service, as the name suggests, uses a radio signal to help control and manage specific electricity meters.

RTS was introduced to help manage complex meters - such as Economy 7, before smart meters were around. It’s old tech now though, and the service is due to be closed after March 2024 so we need to upgrade your meter before that happens.

What happens if I don't upgrade my RTS meter?

It's important that you arrange for a smart meter to be fitted. If you don't, you may experience problems with your meter.

For example, if your heating and hot water switching times are controlled via a Radio Teleswitch, there is a risk that these will not switch on and could leave your heating on or off depending on which cycle is was last on when the signal dropped.

This will mean your current RTS meter will no longer be able to switch between rates correctly and this could also lead to your bills being affected.

What happens to my energy tariff?

You’ll stay on the same tariff when your meter changes, and it’s fitted at no extra cost. For some customers, there may be a small difference to your peak and off-peak timings, but other than that you won’t notice any difference.

Replacing your RTS meter.

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