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Joining us with a prepayment meter?

If you've just moved over, your new gas card will be with you soon. Don't worry about the electricity key, you can keep on using your current one.

Once you've received your new gas card you'll need to register it before you can top it up with any credit. Just pop it in your meter and leave it for two minutes or until it beeps, simple.

Top tip - make sure you use up your credit on your old card before using your new one.

If you do need a new electricity key don't worry, call us on 0808 501 5200.

If you have an outstanding debt, we'll continue taking this at the same rate you agreed with your previous supplier.

How to top up a prepayment meter.

It's easy to top up at a Payzone, PayPoint or Post Office outlet. You can find your nearest outlet on their respective websites.

Just hand them your key or card with the amount of money you want to top up. A minimum of £1 is needed (full pounds only).

Remember, keep topping up your meter during the summer. You might use less energy, but the standing charge is still debited each day from your meter during summer months. Keeping your meter topped up, helps you spread the cost throughout the year and makes you more prepared for winter.

Gone into your emergency credit?

Don't worry, for emergencies your meter will make £10 for electricity and £10 for gas available to you (known as your emergency credit). You'll need to pay this back when you next top up.

For gas, you can use the emergency credit if you've got less than £2 left. Pop your card into the meter and pressing the red button 'A'

For electricity, you can do this if you've got less than 50p left. Pop your key into the meter and then press the blue button.

Paying debt through your prepayment meter.

Your meter will collect any outstanding balance, if there is one, at the rate we've agreed with you. You'll need to top up enough to cover your weekly repayment amount, regular energy use and daily standing charge.

For gas prepayment meters:

Your meter will take money for this debt until the weekly repayment amount has been paid in full. It will take this amount from your first top up after a Wednesday morning each week, and every top up after that until your weekly amount is paid. Any money owed to the meter will be taken in full before you get any gas or electricity.

For gas, the top up will be allocated as shown in the example below


Step 1

Value of top up (full pounds only).

With a debt

£10 top up

Without a debt

£10 top up


Step 2

Is there a weekly repayment rate?

With a debt

£5 weekly repayment amount

Without a debt

£0 weekly repayment amount


Step 3

Is there any Emergency Credit or Standing Charge owed?*

With a debt

£2 emergency credit and standing charge

Without a debt

£2 emergency credit and standing charge


Step 4

Any remaining credit will be allocated for gas

With a debt

£3 credit for gas

Without a debt

£8 credit for gas

*Press the red 'A' button to check the owed screen

For electricity prepayment meters:

Your debt repayments will be taken at regular intervals throughout the week.

Is there support available?

Yes, we can help you find the resources and advice you need if money is tight. Find out more about what support is available to help you pay your energy bills.

Fault on your meter? Check out what to do here.

For gas meter faults:

If your gas meter displays one of these codes, here's what you need to do:

  • Call help - call us on 0808 501 5200.

  • Battery fail – call us on 0808 501 5200.

  • Card not accepted, shown as M***** or M----- on your meter display – call us on 0808 501 5200.

  • Blank screen – call us on 0808 501 5200.

  • Card fail 04, 28, 25, 28 shown on your meter display – make sure your card is clean and reinsert the card. If this does not work, call us on 0808 501 5200.

For electricity meter faults:

If your electricity meter displays one of these codes, here's what you need to do:

  • Error A3 - don't worry, this just means you've taken out your key too soon. Pop it back in.

  • Error 10 - Try cleaning your key's chip with a dry cloth. If the message stays, then your key's programmed for a different meter. Please call us on 0808 501 5200.

  • Blank screen - Insert your key and hold the blue button down. If that doesn't work, call us and we'll send someone to take a look.

  • Error number from 6-44, NO, A1, A2, A6, A10, B1-B7, B9, C4, C5, D1-D7, D9, E4, E5 - These different error codes are all caused by a faulty key. Please call us on 0808 501 5200.

  • Reset, token no, or error number 1, 2, 3, 50, 99, A4, A5, A7, A8, A9, C1, E1, E6 - Unfortunately these error codes all mean that your meter is broken. Please call us on 0808 501 5200.

Switch to Smart Pay As You Go.

Prepayment customer? Combine the flexibility of a pay as you go tariff with the convenience of a smart meter. Switching to smart means you can top up by app, online, by phone or at a Post Office.

Learn more about the smart combination.

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