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Get help if you need to manage the account of someone who has died or you think you've been scammed.

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I’m managing someone’s account who has died, what information do I need to give you?

We know this is a difficult time, so we’ll do everything we can to make this as easy as possible for you.

We've partnered with NotifyNOW, a service of Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK) Ltd (our probate and bereavement account specialists) so you can easily report the passing of an account holder online, without having to speak to someone. Visit NotifyNOW to get started. This will take you to a website owned and operated by our service provider where you'll be asked to create an account with them.

You'll need the following information to hand:

  • The deceased's full name and address.

  • The date they passed away.

  • Meter readings from as close to this date as possible - we understand this would have been the last of your concerns, it’s just to help make sure their final bill is accurate. So don’t stress if you can’t get them, we can use estimated readings if needs be.

  • The name and details of the person who’s looking after their affairs. If there’s a will, it will likely be the Executor of their estate. If there isn’t one it will be an administrator. If they didn’t leave a will and you’re unsure who the administrator is, don’t worry just give us any information you can - we’ll help you get this sorted.

If you'd rather get in touch with us directly, please call us on 0808 501 5200 or email us at with these details and we'll be here to help.

Who are Phillips & Cohen Associates?

They are probate and bereavement account specialists, and they'll help you manage the energy account through the probate process until it can be settled.

If you do contact us about a bereavement, Phillips & Cohen will be in touch with you to help you with the energy account, they'll also offer bereavement support if you feel you need it.

I think I've received a scam email. What should I do?

Millions of people receive suspicious-looking emails everyday. They might be disguised to look familiar, but these phishing emails are used by criminals to try and steal your personal information.

Check out our information on staying safe online for what to do.

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Who is E.ON Next?

We’re a part of the E.ON group, so you’re safe in the knowledge that we have the backing of an established energy supplier.

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We've got a number of ways you can get in touch with us through our community forum, social media pages or by phone and email.

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If you prefer giving us a ring, know that our lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am - 4pm Friday.

Speech or hearing impaired customers can put 18001 in front of our phone number to use text relay at no extra cost. You can find out more on the Relay UK website.

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We're always still here for you after 5pm or over the weekend if you have an emergency with your prepayment or credit meter. You can either call 0808 501 5088, or you can email us or get in touch on our Social Media channels.