Your guide to meter certification.

So you can understand why and how we’re replacing your electricity and gas meters.

What is meter certification?

Electricity and gas meters like many things have a “best before” date when they’re manufactured. This certification date is set by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) and once a meter has passed its certification date it needs to be replaced.

How do I know my meter needs to be replaced?

We hold data on all of the meters that we supply energy to, and once a meter has passed its certification date, we’ll send you a letter or email asking you to get in touch to book a free meter exchange appointment.

Do I need to have my energy meters replaced?

Yes, under governmental regulation (The Electricity Act 1989) we’re required to replace your meters.

Why should I have my meter replaced?

As meters get older they might not be recording your usage as accurately as they once did. When this happens the energy you're using might not be measured correctly which is why we have a legal obligation to exchange it with a new one.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean the meter is dangerous, it just has a potential to stop working correctly.

What if only one of my meters needs replacing?

If we supply both your electricity and gas we’ll replace both of your meters if one has passed its certification date.

Will my meters be replaced with smart meters?

Yes, if we can we’ll replace your old meters with a smart meter. This is due to rules from Ofgem around meter replacement, the New and Replacement Obligation (NRO), which requires energy suppliers to take all reasonable steps to install smart meters for customers where possible.

Smart meters will also have benefits for you, such as sending your meter readings automatically to us and showing you your energy usage with the use of the in-home display (IHD).

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Do I have to pay to have my meters replaced?

No, there is no charge for having your meters replaced.

Will my tariff or payment arrangement change if I have a smart meter?

No, everything will remain the same as before, we’ll just replace your old meters.