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Save energy with the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS).

Are you a homeowner or private renter looking to save money by becoming more energy efficient? The government's Great British Insulation Scheme will do just that.

Not only will insulation keep you warmer in winter, it will also help you stay cooler during the summer as it limits the amount of heat travelling through the walls of your home.

With an average energy cost saving of around £235 per year for a semi-detached home with cavity wall insulation installed, why not find out what the scheme involves and how it could benefit you.

What can you get with the Great British Insulation Scheme?

At the heart of this scheme is a focus on affordability and comfort to make your home more energy efficient. The scheme will run until March 2026 and offers the following energy efficient upgrades:

  • Cavity wall insulation.

  • Loft insulation.

  • Solid wall insulation (external and internal).

  • Pitched roof insulation.

  • Flat roof insulation.

  • Underfloor insulation.

  • Solid floor insulation.

  • Park home insulation.

  • Room-in-roof insulation.

What is ECO4?

ECO4 is an Energy Company Obligation and a government scheme to help Britain's most vulnerable households to keep warm and save money by improving your home's energy rating.

All homes have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, ranging from A to G. The scheme offers you a number of energy-efficient measures to improve your property’s EPC rating. You can check the EPC rating of your home.

In the last 15 years EON has installed over 1.5 million energy-saving measures in over 450,000 households across Britain.

If you’re eligible, we’ll carry out a detailed survey of your property to check if solid wall insulation is suitable for your home. We’ll also check if you could benefit from a tailored package of heating and insulation improvements that could help make heating your home much cheaper, easier, and more efficient.

Benefit from solid wall insulation (SWI).

By installing solid wall insulation you can transform your home into a cosy haven and make a positive impact on the environment.

SWI is an energy efficient method of upgrading the thermal performance of your home by applying the insulation directly to the interior or exterior walls of your home. This creates a protective layer which minimises heat loss and reduces energy bills.

What home improvements can you get with ECO4?

It will depend on what your home needs. We’ll carry out a survey of your home to see what you need to do to increase energy efficiency and improve your home’s overall EPC. Some of the upgrades we offer include:

  • Solid wall insulation.

  • Cavity wall insulation.

  • External wall insulation.

  • Loft insulation.

  • Floor insulation.

  • Solar panels.

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What is Homes for Net Zero?

We’ve teamed up with Energy Systems Catapult, who run the Living Lab, a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation that helps develop and accelerate innovation in the energy industry. You can join us to help shape the future of home heating while earning vouchers and energy efficient products.

You'll play an important role in the research to help co-create change that will propel the nation towards net zero. To make this research a success, we’d like you to monitor how much energy you use for a year by registering with the Living Lab to set up your profile and link your smart meter to capture your energy use and data.

What can you get for taking part?

If you'd like to take part and get free Tado room sensors and £30 worth of vouchers, you’ll need to register with Living Lab, link your smart meter (£20 voucher), and then complete the research (£10 voucher).

You might also get one or more of the following energy-saving products or surveys:

Surveys and energy efficiency advice.

  • Roadmap to decarbonise your home.

  • Heat pump sizing survey.

  • Home energy efficiency survey.

  • Energy efficient improvements advice.

Energy efficiency products.

  • Smart thermostat.

  • Heat meter.

  • Boiler MOT and boiler MOT+.

  • Air quality sensors.

  • Carbon Monoxide alarms.

  • Loft insulation and improving old loft insulation.

  • Draught proofing.

Benefit from the Home Upgrade Grant.

HUG is a government initiative that'll deliver up to £700 million in funding to local authorities to improve homes in England with energy-efficient upgrades and low-carbon heating.

We're working in partnership with these local authorities to install the energy-efficient improvements to homes with low incomes and EPC ratings that don't use gas as the main way to heat their homes.

What energy-efficient improvements can you get from HUG?

Depending on where you live in the country, you could get a range improvements including cavity wall, loft insulation or a new heating system:


Don't let the heat you make escape; find out if you can get insulation for your home and start making energy savings.

  • External wall insulation.

  • Cavity wall insulation.

  • Loft insulation.

Solar panels.

Not only will solar panels help reduce your energy bills, but you'll also be generating your own clean, sustainable energy.

  • Make energy savings.

  • Independence from the grid.

  • Create a greener tomorrow.

Air source heat pumps.

No matter what the weather, you'll get a fully controllable heating and hot water system.

  • Cost savings.

  • Renewable energy.

  • Low maintenance.