Refer. Split £100. Repeat.

Our awesome Refer a Friend offer is now open to you and all your friends and family.

Referring couldn't be easier.

Switch to us today and through your online account you can refer as many friends as you want to sign up with us for their electricity and gas. Every time you recommend a friend that joins us, you’ll both receive £50 off your energy bills.

And the best part? You'll be encouraging more people to switch to our 100% renewable electricity.

So what are you waiting for?

Refer a friend

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How does Refer a Friend work?

Excited flash.

Step 1

Switch to us for your electricity and gas.

Sun on a laptop.

Step 2

Log into your online account and start sending out your referral links through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.

Leaf on phone.

Step 3

Your friends and family sign up to us online using your referral link.

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Step 4

You both receive £50 credit each to put towards your energy bills. Simple.

Our Refer a Friend FAQs.