Partnering with Kidney Care UK.

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E.ON Next has teamed up with Kidney Care UK to signpost additional help available to people living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), including people who undertake their life saving dialysis at home. Here’s a bit more about them and the vital work they do.

Who is Kidney Care UK?

Kidney Care UK is the UK's leading kidney patient support charity, dedicated to improving the quality of life for people affected by kidney disease.

Established almost 50 years ago, they offer advice, support and financial assistance to thousands of patients and their families every year. Kidney Care UK is also the leading provider of grants to patients who often struggle financially when long-term illness prevents them from working. Last year the charity supported over 15,000 people, with grants totalling over £1 million.

As well as being a leader of information on all aspects of kidney disease, Kidney Care UK offers free telephone counselling and the services of trained Advocacy Officers. Their role is to help when the pressures of life impacts on someone who is already fighting this serious health condition. And their Advocacy Officers can assist in numerous ways, for example when issues arise around the choice of treatment, benefits claims, or problems with patient transport.

In addition, because the treatment of kidney disease can make life so restrictive, Kidney Care UK provides grants for holidays and short breaks away from the monotony imposed by the illness. They also support Dialysis Swap – a scheme to help patients find the essential dialysis treatment they need when away from home.

Not surprisingly, the charity is highly active in patient-centred research, and in supporting kidney units and the care they offer. Kidney Care UK also works at both national and government level to improve services for kidney patients. Above all, their aim is to ensure the voice of the patient is heard at the very heart of decision-making.

Our partnership with Kidney Care UK.

Working hand-in-hand, E.ON Next and Kidney Care UK are set on signposting the extra support available to people living with Chronic Kidney Disease – including those who receive their life-saving dialysis at home.

We will provide more information via targeted drop-in sessions at E.ON Next’s Warm Hubs. Like the help they may be entitled to for paying their energy bills, and the other types of assistance provided by Kidney Care UK.

E.ON Next will also be working with the charity to increase take-up of our Priority Services Register, which gives access to the extra support we make available through our specially trained Vulnerability Teams.

It’s all part of E.ON Next’s mission to help our vulnerable customers who may need some extra help managing their energy account during a difficult time.

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Published 13/11/2023