How to choose the right EV charger?

How to choose the right EV charger?

Ready to race ahead with a brand new EV home charger? Whether you own an electric vehicle (EV) or are thinking of buying one, there are lots of reasons an EV charger is a great idea for your home. Before you buy, let’s go over a few things you might want to consider to make sure you get the home charging point that’s right for you and your vehicle.

Relax and recharge with a home EV charger.

Getting an EV charging point installed at home, means you can drive away on a full charge every morning. Skip the fuss of finding a public charging point. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home with your vehicle parked safely up on your drive. Try pairing your EV charger with our Next Drive tariff, designed specifically for EV owners, to get lower priced electricity for your overnight charging between 12am and 7am. On average, the cost to charge at home is over 50% per unit cheaper than paying at a public charger†. And the savings are even bigger if you have cheaper off-peak electricity at home. Simply plug your vehicle in before bed, just like you would for your mobile phone. Plus, with the E.ON Home app you can track your energy use and even schedule your charges to make use of lower off-peak energy prices even easier. Helping you save more without the faff.

To tether or not to tether? That’s the question.

The main decision when buying an EV charger is whether you would like a tethered or untethered charging point. A tethered charger has a permanently attached charging cable, so it functions similarly to a traditional petrol pump. An untethered charger does not include a charging cable. Many electric vehicles come with EV charging leads or they can be purchased separately. As they are not attached to the charge point you can unplug and take it with you to use on the go. Tethered. + The charging cable is included in the price of your home EV charger. The cable is permanently attached and so unlikely to be lost or stolen. + Your charger is always set up and ready to use. - You will not be able to choose the length or socket type of the charging cable. Untethered. + You can choose the length and socket type of your charging cable. + If your cable is damaged it can be easily replaced. + You can bring your cable when you travel to charge up out and about. The charging cable is not included in the cost of your charging point.

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Things to consider before buying an EV charger.

  • Wi-fi. You will need a good wireless internet connection (Wi-fi) for the smart features of your EV charger, so make sure it can be located within range.

  • Location of charge point. There can be no more than two walls and/or 10m distance between your electricity meter and the new EV charging point. Your EV charger will also need to be mounted on a brick or plaster wall.

  • Space to park at home. In order to use a home EV charger you will need private off-road parking close to your house, such as a driveway or garage. Unfortunately, we cannot install chargers for use with on-road parking.

  • Charger compatibility. Our chargers use type 2 sockets (also called EV charging connectors or plugs). Most vehicles manufactured in Europe come with a Type 2 charging cable. If you haven’t got one, speak to the manufacturer of your vehicle.

  • Warranty. When choosing a home EV charger, we advise opting for one with a workmanship warranty in case you have any issues. If you choose to book your installation with us you will receive a 3 year workmanship warranty.

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† Average cost to charge based on an electricity rate of 69.20p/kWh at a non-subscription public charger v average domestic rate of 30p/kWh till 30 September 2023. Learn more. *T&Cs apply.

Published 20/09/2023