The many features of our super simple app!

The many features of our super simple app!

The E.ON Next app.

Keep calm! Your life just became 100% easier! Well, in an energy sort of way. Our app is here to make your energy less of a chore. Simpler and greener (with less paper!). So we set out to make sure the tools you use make your energy super simple. Whether you're checking your latest bill, or using the in-app torch to help see your meter readings, our app will help you take control of your electricity and gas. Plus, you can use the app to manage both your home and business energy accounts. Perfect for keeping everything simple. Try the E.ON Next app for iOS or the E.ON Next app for Android.

What can you do on our super simple app?

  • You can now use Face ID or Touch ID login so you never have to worry about remembering your password again.

  • Set a new password if you’ve recently been moved over to us. (As long as you’re getting emails from us, the app is ready and waiting for you to use!)

  • Send in your meter readings – we’ve even got a handy in-app torch for those dark and dingy meter cupboards.

  • View and download your statements, as well as keep up to date, with your latest account balance.

  • Make payments easily.

  • Check your tariff details and renewal dates.

  • Manage your account information.

  • Opt in for notifications to get reminders when there’s something new to see, or if we need something from you.

Also read more about the helpful features on the app.

Are you a Smart Pay As You Go customer?

Check your balance and top up when you need to. Look through your top up history and get your payment code if needed. Opt in for low balance alerts, straight to your phone

What’s coming next?

We’re also working tirelessly on more new features for the app to make your life that much simpler, so watch this space and be sure to keep your app up to date.

Feel the Community power.

The E.ON Next Community is a space for customers to share experiences and offer advice. Find support or suggest your own energy topics, plus get involved in discussions on the latest energy news.

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Published 29/11/2021