Sustainable movers.

Sustainable movers.

Moving house? Take your energy supplier with you.

Moving house soon? We’ll bet you didn’t realise how simple it is to be sustainable whilst moving house? With all the stress involved in moving, it can be easy to forget to be sustainable. But, we’ve made a list of ways you can effortlessly do your bit for the planet whilst making your moving life easier too. You’re welcome. What we do at home has a direct impact on the climate, so here are some tips to make being sustainable fun, because if you enjoy it, it’s half the work done. Also, checkout our moving home checklist.

Declutter to save space.

Having a declutter before you move not only means you’ll have more space in your new pad, it also means there will be less stuff to move and so you’ll possibly require a smaller moving van. The smaller the vehicle, the less CO2 there is going into the atmosphere. Plus, the cheaper the cost of the rental.

Box smart.

When packing up your possessions, make sure you pack smartly. Using space in the boxes as proactively as possible will mean even fewer boxes needed and again the possibility of a smaller moving van. Always go in with heavy items first and try different combinations of ways to pack things into boxes - just imagine real life Tetris.

Reuse boxes.

Instead of going to a shop and buying dozens of new boxes, why not try asking any friends or relatives if they have any empty boxes lying around that you could use? It’s also worth asking your local supermarket if they have any lurking in the back. Reusing boxes instead of buying new ones helps reduce the amount of cardboard waste. Plus, you can save a lot of money as moving boxes can be very expensive for what they are.

Wrapping up sustainably.

Not only can you be sustainable with your boxes, but you can also be sustainable with your wrapping. Try using T-shirts, towels, jumpers, and even stuffed toys, to fill in the gaps and wrap up your prize possessions. Using bubble wrap or plastic packaging means it will just end up in a landfill somewhere, so let Teddy do the work for you. You’ll also be packing these items up anyway, so this again reduces space in the moving van.

Furniture frenzy.

Instead of taking a trip to the dump or hiring a skip, why not have a think about how your furniture could be given a new lease of life? Try taking your unwanted furniture to your local charity shop where it can be sold on to a new home. Online websites such as Gumtree, Ebay or Facebook Marketplace are also quick and handy ways to send old furniture on to new owners.

Energy is key.

Make sure to sort out your new energy supplier about a month or so before you’re due to move house. This will ensure by the time you move, there’s been enough warning to transfer the old energy supplier of the house over to your new one. Want to be sustainable in the process? Make sure to choose a tariff with 100% renewables backed electricity. So there you have it, a short but sweet list of easy ways to stay sustainable whilst moving home. Wishing you all the best on your new journey - happy packing!

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Published 01/07/2021