What to do if you have a power cut.

What to do if you have a power cut.

Whilst unplanned power cuts tend to be quite rare in the UK, it’s a great idea to know what to do and have a plan in place, just in case one does happen.

Below are some simple steps to plan for a power cut.

Prepare: Most of your household appliances and devices require a constant supply of power to work. Boilers and hobs, heat pumps, internet, lighting and landline phones will all be out of action, so make sure you have an alternative option if needed. We recommend you keep a battery powered torch with spare batteries and a fully charged power pack for your mobile phone in case of emergencies. It is also a good idea to add the 105 number into your phone contacts to easily report power cuts when they happen. Report: If you experience a power cut, you should call the 105 number for free to report it. 105 will connect you automatically to your local network operator who can assist you, rather than your energy supplier. Power lines are managed by your district network operator (DNO) and not by energy suppliers like us. By reporting power cuts directly to them, they can help get the problem sorted as fast as possible. Share: Share this information with friends and family, so they are prepared for unexpected power cuts too. Also, find help during blackout emergencies.

Get help or advice from your network operator:105

Always remember.

Do not approach fallen power lines or damaged electrical equipment. Stay clear and call 105 to report it. The Power Cut? 105 website also provides details of how to report a power cut online.

Do you need help?

At E.ON Next we want to help customers find the support they need in the event of power outages. The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free support service for eligible people who may be vulnerable. If you are on the PSR we will prioritise reconnecting you in the event of unexpected power outages.

If you require a continuous supply of electricity for medical reasons, seek medical advice from your local health service provider or by calling 111.

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Published 23/07/2023