Using less energy
should feel good.

Characters hugging.

Start your #PowerSwitch.

With over 20% of CO2 emissions coming from home energy, you can see just why E.ON Next wants to encourage everyone to use less energy at home.

Let’s highlight the elephant in the room. It’s not about going short, far from it. We know people are more motivated to change their behaviour through positive rewards and not sacrifice, the question is how can we make energy-saving positive and a big win for you?

Well, we’re committed to helping the nation find unexpected benefits from energy reduction in a bid to make using less energy feel rewarding.

We call it PowerSwitch. It’s a shift in mindset and a way of using less whilst getting more in return, like Andrew, one of our E.ON Next customers. He decided to make some simple but significant changes to his energy use and discovered he was actually very good at it. You can read more about him.

See how much energy reducing habits can save you.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

By singing along to your shorter shower soundtrack

Take care of your clothes.

By grabbing your pegs and using nature's tumble dryer.

Get a better night’s sleep.

By soaking up the sunshine in your home.

Improve your mental health.

Switch off and spend some quality time together.