Our complaints performance.

We’re not interested in being a mediocre energy company. That’s not us. We’re working tirelessly to be the best energy supplier possible.

Our promise.

Giving you the best experience is what we're here to do and we aim to resolve even the most complicated complaints as quickly as we can.

E.ON Next is brand new, so we've only just started sharing our complaints data and we'll continue to update this every quarter, so you know exactly how we're doing.

Quarterly report - Q3 2020.

Like we said, we're new, so this is our first quarterly complaints performance report. We're really proud of our first quarterly performance - we resolved 85% of complaints in less than a day and 99% within 8 weeks.

We know the hard work doesn't stop here, we'll continue listening to your complaints and making sure we can resolve key reasons that cause you to be unhappy.

You can check out our complaints handling procedure on our complaints page.

Number of complaints opened


Number of complaints resolved


Number of complaints opened per 100,000 customers


Number of complaints resolved per 100,000 customers


Percentage of complaints resolved in less than a day


Percentage of complaints resolved within eight weeks


Top reasons for complaints in Q3 2020.

Below is a breakdown of the top issues our customers complained about as a percentage of the total complaints we received:


July - September 2020 - 30.5%

Customer Service

July - September 2020 - 24%

Switching Meter

July - September 2020 - 11%


July - September 2020 - 9%


July - September 2020 - 8%