Support for hard of hearing customers with SignLive.

Use SignLive interpretation to connect and talk securely about your account.

Leaf on phone.

What is SignLive?

SignLive is an interpretation service for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. You can talk to us through a British Sign Language interpreter which will allow you to manage your energy account safely and securely.

Use SignLive

How do I use SignLive?

When you first use SignLive you’ll need to create a free account with them.

To use the SignLive interpretation service you’ll either need:

  • A computer with a webcam, microphone and speakers.

  • A tablet.

  • A smartphone.

The device must be on WiFi or have a good mobile signal so you don’t lose connection. The sound won’t be on when you start, but you can turn it on if you want to.

Our SignLive FAQs