The Qualifying Financially Disadvantaged Customers (QFDC) discount scheme.

Available to eligible businesses as part of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme.

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What is the Qualifying Financially Disadvantaged Customers discount?

As part of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, the government announced a second discount called the Qualifying Financially Disadvantaged Customers discount. It aims to support customers who aren’t protected by a fixed price contract.

How do I get the QFDC discount?

To qualify for the QFDC discount you need to:

  • Not be on a fixed business tariff/contract.

  • All your bills within the last 42 days have been paid.

If you switch to a fixed tariff you won’t be eligible for the discount.

When is the QFDC discount applied?

The discount will be applied by reducing the unit rate for eligible customers between 11 November 2022 and 31 March 2023. You’ll still get the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) discount, which will be listed separately on your bill.

Your EBRS discount may reduce once the QFDC discount is applied as it’s being applied to the lower unit rates. However, don’t worry, the overall discount you receive won’t reduce.

Will the QFDC discount affect both my electricity and gas contracts?

Yes, if both of them are eligible. We’ll reduce the unit rates for both your electricity and gas.

Will you reduce my standing charge with the QFDC discount?

No, the discount only affects your unit rates. Parts of your bill such as the standing charge, capacity charges, CCL or VAT are not included.

What if I agree to a new fixed contract?

The QFDC discount is only available to customers on variable tariffs so you’ll stop receiving the discount if you fix your tariff.

Will I still get the QFDC discount if I switch suppliers?

All energy suppliers have signed up to the scheme so you will still receive the discount if you’re eligible. However if you sign up for a fixed contract then you’ll lose it.

What happens when the QFDC discount ends on 31 March 2023?

We don't know yet. Once we have more information we’ll write to you.