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Blog- playmaker - making new energy work

Making new energy work for everyone.

At E.ON Next, we’re determined to make this new energy work for everyone. We want to do that by helping remove the barriers of the energy transition, so that our customers can reduce both their bills and their environmental impact, by saving CO2.

Blog guide to heat pumps

A comprehensive guide to air source heat pumps.

Everything you need to know about heat pumps. How they heat and cool the home and how they're installed in this comprehensive guide to air source heat pumps.

20240613 BLG-Top tips for buying a second-hand EV

Top tips for buying a used electric vehicle.

Your guide to the second-hand electric vehicle market. Find top EV tips and tricks to help you navigate buying a used electric car.

Blog Powering Next Decade

Innovations in renewable technologies: Powering the next decade.

How the advancement in renewable energy technology will make it more efficient and cheaper, helping the UK make its net zero target.

What are Rota Load Disconnections (RLD)?

What are Rota Load Disconnections (RLD)?

If the National Grid and government can’t generate enough electricity to meet the predicted demand, they may need to carry out a Rota Load Disconnec...

E.ON Next blog SME Solar

Empowering SMEs: solar energy for business success.

Empowering SMEs: solar energy for business success. Learn how installing solar panels can lower your business energy costs.


Will an EV charger add value to your house?

Discover how you can increase the value of your home by installing an EV charger.

E.ON Next blog Heatpumps

How air source heat pumps are revolutionising heating in the UK.

Harnessing Renewable Energy: How air-source heat pumps are revolutionising heating in the UK. Discover how this low carbon energy device could change your home.

Blog Renewable Jobs-1

The impact of renewable energy on job creation in the United Kingdom.

Interested in building a career in sustainability? Explore the impact of the growing number of renewable energy jobs in the UK.

Blog Charging EV with solar

How to charge your EV battery with solar panels.

How you can use the solar power that you create to charge your EV, and move towards a more sustainable living.

Blog Home Insulation Guide 1

A guide to home insulation: Boosting energy efficiency in your home.

Boost your home's energy efficiency with our comprehensive insulation guide. Learn to create a more comfortable, cost-effective and eco-friendly living space with insulation tips for your floors, walls and loft.

Beating the heat

Summer energy bills savings: beating the heat.

Summer savings: Beat the heat without breaking the bank on energy bills. Find the best way to keep cool this summer and save energy and money at the same time.